Heaven On Earth. by Harleyquinn

Annabelle and JB are back! Having been reunited after 6 months apart, they've now got 3 weeks off up their sleeves, so they better make it count!
Hello, vacation ♥

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1. Long time, no see. by Harleyquinn

2. Little announcement! by Harleyquinn

3. Sunshine On A Rainy Day. by Harleyquinn

4. *Poll* by Harleyquinn

Long time, no see. by Harleyquinn

Justin's POV

It's the middle of November. It's been almost 4 months since I've seen her. I couldn't even be there for her birthday. I feel terrible.


Annabelle's POV
I'm counting down the months/weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds until I see him again. I miss him so much. 4 months down, 2 to go. I can do this. We can do this.


Justin's POV
There's one week until Christmas... meaning only 3 weeks until I'm with her. iChatting and texting were not enough - they would never be enough. I can't explain how much I need her. I also needed her to know how much I was missing her. 

As an early Christmas present, I sent her a gift - A simple, sleek, black photo frame with my favourite picture of us inside. It had been taken at some point during her brief stay with me on tour in August. We were on the couch on the bus, my arms wrapped around her middle as she sat snug in my lap. Her beautiful smile was aimed at the camera, while I had been smiling down at her.

Being the amazing boyfriend that I am (I jest!), I knew that A Knight's Tale was one of her favourite movies. Along with the picture, I had sent this letter:

My dearest Annabelle,
I have seen the new moon, but not you. I have seen sunsets and sunrises, but nothing of your beautiful face. The pieces of my broken heart are so small that they can be passed through the eye of a needle. I miss you like the sun misses the flower; like the sun misses the flower in the depths of winter. Instead of beauty to direct its light to, the heart hardens like the frozen world your absence has banished me to. 
Hope guides me; it is what gets me through the day and especially the night... the hope that after you're gone from my sight, it will not be the last time that I look upon you. With all the love that I possess, I remain yours... Justin.


Annabelle's POV
I won't lie. I cried when I got his gift... more-so over the letter. I'd had a lovely Christmas, and to get that from him really made it special. 2 weeks, that's all that was left. He'd promised to take me to the fair in the first or second week of January, and I could. not. wait.

"Are you excited, baby?" his voice asked through the phone.

"You know how much I love the fair, Justin! Ofcourse I'm excited!" I replied.

"...Is that all you're excited for?"

"Hmm. Besides the fact that I get to see you for the first time in 6 months, and that the moment I see you I'm probably going to kiss you until you can't breathe and beg me to stop... yeah, that's all," I laughed.

"Mmm, now that's more like it," he purred.

I smiled, leaning back into my pillows.

"So, anything new going on?" he asked.

"Hmm, there was a bit of dramz on twitter last night..." I said, twirling a piece of my hair in frustration.


I laughed, "Drama, babe, drama."

"Right. Tell me what happened?"

"Just some girls giving me hell. Apparently I'm an ‘effing bitch, who needs to get her filthy hands off their man'," I quoted. "I was like ‘Excuse me, bitch I will. Cut. You."

This seemed to crack him up, and I was glad. It really wasn't a big deal anyway. 

"We can't win can we? Do you want me to do anything about it?"

"Naw babe, it's okay. Girls will be girls," I said, rolling my eyes.

"I hate that I can't stick up for you. Openly, I mean," he sighed.

"Justin, really, it's fine. It'll be like this with any and every girl you date or are seen with."

There was a big pause on his end. "...What?" he whispered.

"Er...what?" I asked, confused.

"That kind of sounded like you don't expect to be around for long..." he said, the hurt showing in his voice.

"What? No! No, I just... I didn't mean it like that. I'll be around for as long as you'll have me. I was just saying-"He cut me off.

"What makes you think I won't want you around...?"

"Well, I mean... you're bound to get bored of me eventually."

"Are you serious? Are you serious right now, Annabelle?" He was starting to raise his voice. "You don't see us lasting?"

"It's just... well there's so many other girls out there, and we're only young..." I said in a very, very small voice.

"Our age has nothing to do with it! I don't want any other girl, Annabelle. I want you, and only you. Always. Do you understand?" his voice breaking on the last word.

"Yes," I whispered.

"You... still want me, right?" he asked softly.

"I'll want you forever, Justin."

He let out a long breath, "Good... I'm sorry."

"For what?" I asked.

"Not being with you for 6 months has made me crazy. I'm so paranoid, at least once a week I dream that you break up with me..." he mumbled.

"Relax, sweetpea. 2 weeks will fly by, and then everything will be better, okay? Hang in there," I said, using the sweetest voice I could. 

"Hmmm," he breathed. "Can't wait, princess."


Justin's POV

I was in the car with my mom and Kenny, on the way to pick up Anna from ATL airport. I was a little nervous. To be more precise, I was shitting myself.

What do I say? Would she look different? Why am I getting so emotional? Oh, God, I hope I can keep it together.

For security reasons, Kenny suggested I stay in the car and wait with him, while my mom went in and got her. I was so preoccupied in my thoughts I didn't even blink or look up when I heard the other passenger door open. What brought my out of my daze was her familiar perfume floating into the car. My breath caught in my throat as I snapped my head in her direction.

"Hi Kenny!" she said excitedly, jumping into the car. I continued to stare at her as she put her seatbelt on. 

"Hey sweetheart, long time no see!" Kenny said, getting out and helping my mom put Anna's bags into the back of the SUV. 

My mouth was dry, and I think I well and truly stopped breathing as she looked over at me.

"Hey you," she beamed.

I'd thrown off my seatbelt and slid over to her side in a matter of seconds, wrapping my arms tightly around her. I buried my head into the crook of her neck, squeezing my eyes shut to stop the sudden stinging. 

"Hey," I croaked, nuzzling my nose against her neck.

"It's good to see you too," she whispered, her hand stroking my hair.



Annabelle's POV

I had tingles the entire drive home. We sat silently in the back, our pinkies linked together on the seat between us. I'd been looking out the window, taking in the Atlanta streets, when I felt him tug on my hand.

I turned my head, leaning it back onto the headrest to look at him, seeing him doing the same. 

‘I love you,' he mouthed. 
I grinned, mouthing it back to him. He giggled, and the tingles I felt increased. The atmosphere in the car was electric, and I felt anxious, why though I didn't know.

We pulled into his driveway, and again, Kenny helped with my bags. 

‘I've got the guest room all ready for you, Annabelle, I hope you like it!' Pattie said from behind us.

‘Awh, I'm sure I will, thanks!' I replied. 

‘C'mon, I'll show you around the house,' Justin said, taking my hand and leading me inside.

His house was really nice. Not outrageously fancy, just...really, really nice. He seemed to be rushing through the ‘tour' though, pointing out the obvious as we went to each room.

‘This is the kitchen.'

‘This is the dining area.'

‘This is the family room.'

‘This is the laundry.'

‘This is the bathroom.'

I raised an eyebrow at him, ‘Everything okay, mister?'

‘Sure, sure. Uh, c'mon, I'll show you upstairs,' he said, literally pulling me up the stairs.

We walked a few steps down the hall, when he stopped, opening a door to a room.

‘This is where you won't be staying,' he said quietly.

I spotted my bags on the bed... 

'Is this...not the guest room?' I asked, confused.

‘No, it is. But you'll be with me. In my room. With me. Specifically, in my bed. With me,' he smirked.

‘Ooooohh, gotcha,' I said, winking exaggeratedly. ‘Care to show me where that is?'

He shut the door, and walked down the hall to the next room, flinging open the door.

‘This, m'lady, is my humble abode.' 

I stepped through the doorway, gazing around. I was about to mention how surprisingly tidy it was, when he pulled me back against him.

‘Er... any reason for taking me hostage?' I voiced, as his arms locked into place around my middle.

‘I think you're forgetting something...' Justin's voice whispered in my ear from behind.

I shivered, ‘Uhm...?'

‘I remember being promised a breathtaking kiss...' he said, his lips brushing against the back of my neck.

I smiled, ‘I never promised you anything...'

He growled, spinning me around and pinning me against his door. He leaned his forehead against mine, his hands either side of me. 

‘Please?' he pouted at me, rubbing his nose against mine.

I was feeling light-headed by this point - he was just being too cute for me to handle. Before I could protest, he softly touched his lips to mine, letting out a sigh as he did. 

‘Dreams don't do you justice,' he whispered against my lips, giving me another chaste kiss. 

I linked my arms around his neck, closing my eyes.

‘Why aren't you kissing me?' he whined, putting his hands on my hips.

‘I don't know if I'll be able to stop...' 

‘That suits me fine.'

I laughed, pulling his face to mine. Our lips met, moving perfectly in sync. Kissing Justin would never stop being amazing - definitely worth the 6 month wait. His hand moved to cup one side of my face, pulling my jaw down slightly. I gasped slightly at the feeling of his tongue sliding into my mouth, my hands fisting in his hair pulling him closer. He pushed me into the door, his body pressing firmly against mine.

I wrapped a leg around the back of his, lazily drawing it up and back down again. He moaned softly, lightly biting down on my lip. I smiled as we continued, casually deepening the kiss for a few minutes until he pulled away, breathing hard.

I took this opportunity to be reunited with my favourite spot under his jaw, slowly kissing my way down his neck. His warm hands went under my shirt, pressing into the small of my back.

‘Was that sufficient?' I asked, resting my cheek on his chest.

‘Mmmhmm,' he mumbled, giving a small nod. Suddenly I remembered about our plans for this evening.

‘Oh my God, the fair! I'd almost forgot!'

He clenched and un-clenched his jaw, ‘I was hoping you would...'

I lightly punched his chest, ‘Why?!'

‘Hey hey hey, ouch! You can't blame me for wanting more of this, can you?' he asked, kissing my cheeks. 

‘We have plenty of time for that over the next few weeks, Justin. I might even treat you tonight!' I winked.

‘Oh? Well you better go get yourself ready then!' he said with a gleam in his eye.

He opened the door for me, ‘Go on!', he said, slapping my ass.

I giggled and skipped out of his room.


Justin's POV

She looked stunning. Absolutely stunning.

As Annabelle was busy getting her entry ticket at the gates, I let my eyes wander over her, soaking up every detail. 

The tiny ladder that was forming in her black tights. The purple sneakers she was wearing teamed with a cute purple sequined dress. I couldn't tell if it was strapless or not for the black leather jacket she was wearing... Oh, how I wished it was warmer. I also noticed she was wearing a gold chain of mine around her neck. I sighed audibly as I took in the messy side bun her hair was in, random curls falling down everywhere. Even with her hair up, I could tell it was longer... even a slightly different shade of brown.

She joined Kenny and I, and slipped her hand into mine.

‘What's wrong cupcake?' she asked.

‘Nothing's wrong, Annabelle.'

I revelled in the softness of her hand, squeezing and swinging it as we walked.

‘...Okay then, Justin,' she said, raising an eyebrow at me.

I looked around for Kenny, who was a few steps behind us. I wish just once I could go somewhere without a bodyguard...

‘I was just admiring the way you look tonight... which is really pretty, by the way,' I said, leaning in close to her ear.

She blushed, grinning at me, ‘Thanks baby. You're looking fine tonight, too.'

I gave her temple a quick kiss before leading her down one of the alleyways.


‘Aw, c'mon!' I shouted, throwing my last ball at the hoop, only to watch it bounce off in the opposite direction.

I heard Annabelle giggle next to me. ‘Let me have a go!' she whined, tugged on my arm as I payed another $5.

‘No, woman, I am gonna win you that panda!' I said determined, taking another 3 balls from the stall worker.

It was no secret that I was damn competitive, and I definitely wasn't going to lose in front of Anna.

‘I need good luck, kiss me,' I said.

‘You're silly,' she laughed, kissing my cheek.

I scrunched up my nose, giving her a cheesy grin, and carefully aimed the ball at the hoop, watching it go in.

‘Wahoo!' Anna cheered, clapping along with Kenny.

‘Quick, ‘nother kiss,' I said, and she obliged.

I breathed in deep and threw the ball straight in.

‘I got this, I got this,' I said.

Annabelle went to kiss my cheek for the 3rd time, but I stopped her.

‘Uhuh, this is the big one. Lips or nothing, baby.'

She blushed somewhat, peering around at the people walking by, before pressing her lips to mine.

Focus, JB.

‘C'mon man, you can do it, no problem,' Kenny shouted above the carnival music.

I eyed up the hoop for the final time, closing my eyes as I let the ball go. Anna's excited squealing let me know that I'd won.

‘Here you go, kid,' the guy behind the counter muttered, handing over a plush panda.

‘Annababy, I present this panda to you, as a token of my undying love,' I proclaimed, kneeling down on one knee.

‘Oh me, oh my,' she said, putting on an adorable southern accent, hugging the panda to her chest. ‘Thankyou ever so much.'

‘Enough of that, lovebirds, it's time for some rides!' Kenny said, punching the air. 

He really was a big kid. He may seem tough, but he's really just a big teddy bear... most of the time.

We went on a few crazy rides, some of which Anna did not approve, before deciding it was time to get some cotton candy. We continued walking aimlessly around the fair, cracking jokes and goofing off. I liked how effortless we were; how we could adapt to each other just like that, as if the last 6 months apart had never happened.

‘Justin...' I heard her say sweetly.

‘What's up?' I asked before she stuffed another piece of the cloud-like candy into my mouth.

‘Can we go on the ferris wheel? Puh-leeeaase?'

‘Ofcourse! Yo, Ken, we're gonna hit up the ferris wheel, okay?' I shouted over the music.

I looked over at her, ‘Lead the way, beauty.'


I tapped my foot along to whatever music was playing in line, getting a little impatient - I couldn't wait for a little bit of privacy, even if it was a little. We were just getting into our passenger compartment, when I recognised a familiar song playing. I smiled along as Bryan Adam's voice rang through the speakers.

‘What are you smiling at?' 


Now nothin' can take you away from me 
We've been down that road before 
But that's over now 
You keep me comin' back for more  

‘Oh,' she whispered, resting her head on my shoulder as the song continued. I draped an arm around her and pulled her into my lap.

Baby you're all that I want 
When you're lyin' here in my arms 
I'm findin' it hard to believe 
We're in heaven 
And love is all that I need 
And I found it there in your heart 
It isn't too hard to see 
We're in heaven

‘God, I've missed this,' I muttered, nuzzling her cheek.

‘Mmmhmm,' she murmured, smoothing her hand over my chest.

Oh, once in your life you find someone 
Who will turn your world around 
Bring you up when you're feelin' down 

Yeah, nothin' could change what you mean to me 
Oh there's lots that I could say 
But just hold me now 
Cause our love will light the way 

Tonight had been somewhat overwhelming - I couldn't believe that she was really here. I was a little weirded out at how emotional I was getting, but I just... couldn't help it. I cleared my throat and tightened my arms around her, noticing her look up at me.

‘Is everything okay?' she asked, her face showing concern.

‘It's perfect. Everything is perfect, Anna,' I murmured, leaning down to capture her lips, hearing her sigh.

‘I love you,' I whispered, holding her head firmly between my hands, kissing all over her face. ‘I love you, I love you, I love you.' I couldn't say it enough. 

‘And I love you,' she replied, looking earnestly back at me.

I hugged her close, resting my head on top of hers, staying like that until the ride was over.


Kenny dropped us home around 10:30pm, and we were greeted at the door by my mom.

‘Did you guys have a good time?' she asked, standing aside so we could come in.

‘It was great!' Annabelle replied, kicking off her shoes.

‘So great,' I added, doing the same.

‘Did you go on many rides?' mom asked, sipping from a mug.

‘A few... we mainly walked around,' I said.

‘I see you have a new friend,' mom noticed, locking the door behind us.

‘Eee, yes! Justin decided that he had to win him for me,' Anna said excitedly, hugging the bear tightly.

‘Aw, that's sweet. I'm glad you had a good time,' she smiled. ‘I'm gonna head to bed soon, so if you need anything, just ask Justin, alright honey?' she said, rubbing Annabelle's arm.

‘We'll be fine mama, sweet dreams,' I said, giving her a kiss on her cheek.

After mom disappeared into her room, we took turns showering (sigh) and got ready for bed. I didn't know about Anna, but I was spent. I was in bed first, setting the alarm on my phone, when she came and stood by me. I glanced at her, my mouth watering slightly - she was wearing little pink shorts with popcorn on them, and a snug, long sleeved blue shirt that said ‘Sleep.' on it.

‘How...sexy,' I smirked.

‘Shut up, they're adorable and you know it,' she said, climbing over me to get on her side.

I had to make a mental note on which side was hers ...and I loved that we have sides.

I set my phone down on my bedside table and flicked off my lamp.

‘I meant it, silly. You look incredibly sexy. In anything. Sexy, and cute... and sexy, and beautiful, and sexy...' I grinned, rolling on my side and snaking my arm around her waist, pulling her closer to me under the blankets.

‘Mmm, thanks,' she breathed, snuggling against me. ‘Just for that, would you like your treat now?'

She leaned in, kissing my neck - I shivered as I felt her tongue against my skin.

I groaned, tilting my head back. ‘I really want it, but I am so tired... Can I get a raincheck?' I asked shyly.

She stopped her assault, instead planting a soft kiss on my cheek.

‘Certainly,' she said, stifling a yawn.

I smiled and kissed her forehead, ‘Good.'

‘Night Justin,' she sighed, encasing one of my hands with both of hers, holding it to her chest.

‘Goodnight Annababy,' I whispered, my other hand rubbing her back.

After 6 months of waiting, I finally fell asleep with my girl in my arms.



End Notes:

I am so terribly sorry this has taken so long to be posted. Real life gets in the way sometimes... Anyway, enjoy! xx

Little announcement! by Harleyquinn

My lovely readers, I regret to inform you that I will not be updating for atleast another few days, possibly a week. I was all set to post the new chapter tonight, but after much consideration, I've decided to start over...again. I don't know why, but this chapter is proving very difficult, as I've re-written it 3 times now. Each time it takes a turn for the worst, and I would never post a chapter that I wasn't atleast 99,99% happy with. You guys deserve the best, and the best you shall receive (eventually).

Sunshine On A Rainy Day. by Harleyquinn
Author's Notes:

What's this? A new chapter? Could it be?
*trumpets* Hallelujah! 

Annabelle's POV

It had been raining for the last few hours, Pattie was out, and Justin had been busy with phone calls downstairs since breakfast. I sat, bored, on his bed trying to ignore the dull pain in my stomach. I organized my suitcase; wrote in my diary; watched the rain. I glanced at myself in his mirror, scrunching my nose at the sight of my messy hair.  I rifled through my bag, pulling out my brush and my ipod. I went over to his stereo and decided to put some music on to help pass the time...


Justin's POV

‘Okay, thanks, catcha later,' I said, ending the last phone call for the morning.

Finished. Finally.

‘Annabelle?' I shouted, hearing a thump coming from upstairs. I ran up the stairs and hesitated, pushing open the door to my room a few inches. I had to hold back a laugh as my girlfriend spun into view, dancing and singing her heart out to that song from Easy A... 

‘I've got a pocket gotta pocket full of sunshine, I've got a love and I know that it's all mine oh, oohhh woahh, do what you want ‘cause you're never gonna break me, sticks and stone are never gonna shake me, ohhh woahh. TAKE ME AWAYYY, A SECRET PLACEEE, A SWEET ESCA- JUSTIN!' She shrieked in surprise, throwing down her hairbrush.

I burst into hysterics, running in and throwing her over my shoulder.

‘Justin! Put! Me! Down! Oh my God, what are you doing?!' she yelped.

‘You are too cute, you know that?' I said, grinning and carrying her down the stairs. I sat her down on one of the recliners in the lounge room and stood in front of her.

‘So,' I said.


‘I've finished my calls... Wanna play hide and seek?' I asked, bouncing up and down, suddenly filled with energy.

She giggled, ‘What? Are you being serious?'

I stopped bouncing, ‘Oh. I mean...if you don't want to...I was just-‘

‘NO, no! I wanna play! I wanna play!' she squealed, jumping up.

Not gonna lie, I'd started bouncing again.

‘We are the biggest kids ever,' I laughed, taking her left hand and playing with her fingers.

She simply smiled at me, waiting for my instructions.

‘Okay, so! Rules!'

‘Yes, rules!' she repeated after me.

‘Count to 60. We have to stay inside the house, and we can hide in any room, except my mom's,' I said.

‘Deal! Who's hiding first?' she asked.

‘Me, of course!' I said, poking my tongue at her.

‘One...two...three...four,' she started counting and put her hands over her eyes.

‘Hey, no fair!' I shouted as I started running for the stairs, skidding on the floor in my socks.


Annabelle's POV

‘Fifty-nine, sixty! Ready or not, here I come!' I called out.

I opened my eyes and looked towards the staircase - I'd heard him go bounding up there so I dismissed the need to search downstairs. I tip-toed up the stairs, sniffing him out.

‘You realise I can smell you, right? Did you shower in your cologne today?' I teased.

I walked passed his room, hearing Natasha Beddingfield still playing on repeat.

I glanced around the office opposite his room, noticing nothing out of the ordinary. I continued walking down the hallway, stopping at his little music room. I took a minute, smiling at the awards that were hung up on the walls. Just as I was about to get lost in my thoughts, I heard the faintest cough. I whipped my hair around, focusing on the laundry room.

I giggled excitedly, skipping into the room, ‘Well now, wherever could my boyfriend be?!'

I snuck a glance at the linen cupboard as I opened the lid of the washing machine.

‘I have searched high and low, but he is just no where to be found,' I said, moving to look in the drier.

I turned and stood directly in front of the cupboard doors.

Was that a glint of brown I saw?

‘But of course, linen cupboards don't cough. Maybe in Narnia, who knows, but not mine. And! They certainly don't have a pair of gorgeous honey brown eyeballs in them, either!' I said, yanking open the doors.

‘I couldn't help it! It's stuffy in there!' Justin said, stepping out and pouting at me.

I grinned, tugging the hem of his t-shirt and leading him back downstairs.

‘Is my cologne really that strong?' he asked.

‘No, silly, I was just making fun. Although, I can smell you wherever I go in your house, but that's just... because it's your house.'

‘Does it smell nice at least?'

I smiled, ‘You smell delicious, don't stress. Now! It's my turn!' I said, placing his hands over his face.


Justin's POV

I tugged my jeans up as I leaned over and looked behind the couch. What the hell? I'd been searching for her for 10 minutes so far, having been both upstairs and downstairs.

‘Annabelle, Annabelle, where for art thou, Annabelle?' I called out. I knew she loved it when I recited Shakespeare...even if it was just one line.

I started back upstairs again for the second time. ‘Apparently I have to hone in on my hide and seek skills...it seems I'm out of practice, huh?' I said to no one in particular.

I walked into my room and turned off her ipod. That song was already playing on a loop in my head. I went into my bathroom, opening the shower door and closing it again, getting a little frustrated. I stood in the middle of my room wearing my best detective face.

‘There's really no space anywhere in my room. Not under my bed, not in my bathroom, not in my clos-..........my closet! There is no way you could possibly....' I mused out loud, sliding open the doors of my closet.

I looked down and there she was, curled up in a ball on her side on the floor of my wardrobe. I crouched down and she stared up at me.

‘My tummy is really hurting, Justin,' she whispered, a grimace on her face.

I crawled over her, squeezing in behind her in the classic spooning position.

‘I'm sorry, sweetie. I wish there was something I could do,' I whispered back, placing a light kiss on her shoulder.

She sighed and wriggled against me as I slowly slid my hand over her waist and underneath her shirt. I slipped my hand under the band of her sweats, feeling her smooth skin.

‘Justin, what are you doing?' she rushed, tensing.

‘Shhh, relax,' I spoke into her hair.

I pressed my hand gently against her abdomen, rubbing my thumb back and forth.

‘How does that feel? I asked.

She responded with a soft moan. ‘Your hand is so warm,' she whispered.

I smiled, ‘Is that good?'

‘It's heavenly,' she murmured, melting into me.

‘We don't have to do much today if you don't want to, baby. We can just lie in bed and watch crap tv,' I suggested.

She nodded, putting her hand over mine.


Annabelle's POV

After we had lunch, we'd snacked on junk food and watched movies all afternoon. The next thing we knew, it was closing in on 10pm. The day had just totally gotten away from us, but I was glad.

Severe womb-ache - I had it. It felt like Renesmee was trying to bust her way outta my stomach, but thanks to Justin and his lips, I was somewhat distracted. Every so often when a commercial would come on, he would attack me with kisses. Sometimes slow and gentle, other times passionate and full on - Sometimes tiny kisses over my face and neck, other times his tongue was so determined inside my mouth it was like he was trying to devour me whole.

A couple were having a rather heated moment in the programme we were watching, and I smirked as I saw him bite his lip. My smirk turned then into a shit eating grin as I slowly drew my hand that had been resting on his knee up his thigh, and down again, smoothing over his jeans. I heard his breath hitch as I went higher this time, and I had to bite my lip from letting out a giggle. I loved messing with him.

‘Annabelle...' he warned.

‘Yes?' I turned my face towards him, batting my eyelashes.

Don't be a tease,' he said, rolling his eyes and flicking between channels.

He got up and dropped the remote onto his pillow. ‘I'm gonna change for bed, ‘kay babe?'

‘Mmmmhmm,' I mumbled, too distracted by the KFC ad that was on tv. I swear I could hear my stomach growl at me.

I glanced over at the bathroom, noticing he'd barely even closed the door. I crawled to the edge of the bed to get a better view.

‘Oh my...' I whispered, as he crossed his arms and stripped off his shirt.

My eyes soaked up the lovely sight of his back and shoulders and the muscles that were developing there. I licked my lips as I got a glimpse of his hips and he paused.

‘Anna... are you watching me change?' he asked, turning around and looking at me pointedly.

‘What?! Uh, no, no I, I was just...' I stuttered, failing to come up with an excuse for my blatant perving.

‘Well hey, if you want to watch so badly...' he said winking, coming to stand in front of me.

His effing tattoo slayed me on the daily - whenever I saw it I turned to mush. I held my breath as he undid the button of his black skinny jeans and slid the zip down.

‘I like those jeans...' I said, blushing.

‘Thanks love,' he said, crawling onto the bed and kneeling next to me.

I also love your thighs in those jeans...

‘Unfortunately, I can't sleep in them, so...'

He laid on his back and shimmied out of them, kicking them to the floor, and sat up cross legged. I was admiring his grey boxerbriefs when my eyes glued to his stomach. If I didn't know better, I'd say he was getting pretty...defined.

My God, he is beautiful.

He took his socks off and flung them across the room. ‘Now, I am ready for bed!' He announced, leaning back into the pillows, folding his arms behind his head.

I looked at his smug expression. Now who's the tease?

I shifted myself up the bed towards his legs, trailing a finger up the sole of his bare foot. He jerked his knee up to his chest, letting out a yelp.


I playfully attacked his other foot, making him squirm again.

‘Annabelle!' he laughed.

I shot him and evil grin. Quick as a flash he dove on top of me, tickling my sides and pinning me down. I tried my best to break free, or at least tickle him back, but he was surprisingly strong.

‘Justin!' I squealed, trying to kick him off me.

After a good five minutes of uncontrollable laughing from the both of us, I managed to get my breath back. I could feel his fingers gently grazing over my torso, his light breath on my face; I could hear his cheeky giggling in my ear. In this moment, I was so happy just to be with him. No calls. No work. No crew. Just us.

‘Hey...' he nudged my cheek with his nose.

‘Hmm?' I asked, looking up into his sweet brown eyes.

‘I lost you for a minute there. Where'd you go?' His hands stopped their assault and instead his thumbs moved in soothing circles either side of my bellybutton.

The circles kill. me. dead. Everytime.

His eyes went from playful to intent. He sat up slightly, still straddling my hips.

‘I just love you, that's all,' I said simply.

He beamed down at me, lowering his lips to my ear.

‘I love you too.'

I smiled, rubbing my hands down his thighs as he went to speak again.

‘You know what else I love, Annababy?' he asked.


‘Being on top of you.'

He placed a chaste kiss on my cheek and lay down completely on top of me.

I blushed, letting out an embarrassed giggle.

‘I like it, too,' I said, stroking his hair and pushing it out of his face.

‘Y'know, the past few days have been really nice,' he said, resting his cheek against my chest and grabbing the remote again.

I nodded in agreement, trailing my hand up and down the soft skin on his back. We'd gone for a few strolls, played some video games, and tried cooking for each other. The latter hadn't worked out so well... but other than almost setting the kitchen on fire, it had been really great.

‘Don't get mad if I fall asleep on you, ‘kay?' he mumbled.

‘Mkay,' I smirked, rubbing my cheek against his hair, feeling quite sleepy myself.


I opened my eyes, feeling something at my hip. I didn't know how long we'd been asleep for, but it was still dark out.

‘Justin?' my groggy voice choked out.

I was looking around for the blankets when I felt whatever it was push into my hip again. I waited for my eyes to adjust as I looked down at the arm over my stomach, gripping my waist. A leg was hitched over mine, and soft heaving grunts alerted me to what was going on.

Grinding into my side, his hips going in for the kill, was Justin - fast asleep, mouth half open.

‘Anna...' he moaned in a whisper.

I figured I should probably wake him before he got too wound up.

‘Babe...wake up...Justin!'

‘Mmm,' he scooted up my body, lazily kissing my neck. Really, it was more like he was just slobbering over me, but eh, he was half asleep after all.

‘Justin Drew, you better wake your ass up right now,' I warned.

He snapped awake, pushing himself off me, ‘Hmm? What?'

‘Having a nice dream, were we?' I asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

‘Uhh...what? What dre- OH!' his eyes widened.

‘Mmmhmm...' I murmured.

He sighed, rubbing his face, ‘Too good to be true.'

‘Sorry for assaulting your sleeping figure,' he mumbled, lying on his side to face me.

I laughed, ‘It's fine sweetpea, go back to sleep.'    

End Notes:

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