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Summary: "Wether you're outcased, bullied or teased rejoyce and love yourself today cause baby you were born this way"-Lady Gaga.*--Destiny Hope Grey is 16 years old and her life couldn't be any worse than crushing on Justin Bieber the school jock (player). She crushes on him from her locker and is too afraid to confront him. But her crush for Justin gets her crushed instead when he starts treating her like dirt and pretends to love her as a sick joke. She's hurt by his mean jokes he plays on her daily, she falls for each trick everytime thinking he's changed and maybe he likes her. Justin and his friends tease her about her life and how she has no friends. She finally gets tired of it and is willing to end her life, but what if somebody doesn't let her because he LOVES her the way she SHOULD be loved. She doesn't believe him but he insists he's madly in love with her and won't let her die. Who is he and why is he taking notice in her when no one would?...--*
Rated: Teens
Categories: Characters: Chaz Somers, Jeremy Bieber, Justin Bieber, Original Character (female), Original Character (male), Pattie Mallette, Ryan Butler
Genre: Drama, Family, Fluff, Friendship, General, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Tragedy
Length: Multi-Chapter, Novel Length (50,000+ words)
Tags: breakup, death, fluff, friend, hurt/comfort, lost love, love/hate, neighbors, school, songfic
Warnings: Death, Emotional Abuse, Graphic Violence, Language, Physical Abuse, Self-Harm
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Published: 06/23/11 Updated: 07/05/11
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1. Chapter 1: Outcast. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 12] (204 words)
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2. Chapter 2: For you. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 4] (201 words)
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3. Chapter 3: Teased by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 4] (200 words)
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4. Chapter 4: One favor. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (204 words)
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5. Chapter 5: Followers get caught. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (196 words)
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6. Chapter 6: The harsh truth. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (206 words)
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7. Chapter 7: Too late. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (202 words)
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8. Chapter 8: Life choices with a decision to make. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 4] (209 words)
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9. Chapter 9: True love? by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (211 words)
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10. Chapter 10: Jump of a lifetime. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (201 words)
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11. Chapter 11: Forgiveness for love. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (201 words)
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12. Chapter 12: With you.(: by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 4] (200 words)
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13. Chapter 13: The crew or you? by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (200 words)
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14. Chapter 14: Love over anything, Ryan looses control. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (190 words)
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15. Chapter 15: Rage towards friends. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (195 words)
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16. Chapter 16: Crazy for you. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (198 words)
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17. Chapter 17: Losing control. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 4] (201 words)
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18. Chapter 18: Good news with some Bad news. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (193 words)
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19. Chapter 19: Do you remember? by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (191 words)
"Do you remember all the times we had? Let's brig it back. Oohh let's bring it back"-Jay Sean.
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20. Chapter 20: Can't believe we ain't together. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (192 words)
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21. Chapter 21: Dream or real? by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 4] (194 words)
Hope you like.(: Justin will sing later if you'd like, ik i skipped the "baby, baby baby ohhh" on the last chapter but i thought it wasn't necessary. Anyway! Enjoyy(:

22. Chapter 22: Memory nightmares. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (205 words)
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23. Chapter 23: Quit your stutterin'. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (206 words)
"Quit stutt-stutterin your words they're only making you look worse! Hurry up tell the truth, if you ever really cared about me give it up cause you stutterin'"-Fefe Dobson.

24. Chapter 24: Tragedy was your Destiny. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (209 words)
"Like Adam and Eve tragedy was their Destiny. Sonny and Cher i don't care, i got you baby"-Justin Bieber.

25. Chapter 25: Remenincin' bout you. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 5] (206 words)
"And i don't wanna be so old and gray remenencing bout these better days"-Justin Bieber.

26. Chapter 26: One less lonely girl.(: by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (196 words)
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27. Chapter 27: Love you too much. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (198 words)
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28. Chapter 28: Sudden care? by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (199 words)
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29. Chapter 29: Listen up! by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (198 words)
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30. Chapter 30: no sense. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (199 words)
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31. Chapter 31: Not giving up easily. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 6] (208 words)
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32. Chapter 32: Sneak out. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (197 words)
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33. Chapter 33: The Best Love Song :) by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (201 words)
Im in love with the song Justin is going to sing to Destiny :D it's amazing :) I do not own the song and neither does Justin !-Isabel. Enjoyy.

34. Chapter 34: Baby i love you. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (208 words)
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35. Chapter 35: Be where you are. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (200 words)
"Baby girl i wanna be where you are, wherever you go i will go there i will prepare i wanna be where you are"-Trey Songz.
I hope you like this chappie! I suggest you listen to "Be Where you are" by Trey Songz. It's an amazingggg song! But if you don't like Trey (god forbidd) *faints* you don't have to check out the song! :D enjoy babies jk enjoy beliebers(:

36. Chapter 36: Not allowed. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (201 words)
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37. Chapter 37: Unfortunate. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (200 words)
"So unfortunate, that you didn't believe in me. Pain doesn't last forever, telling you cause i've been there. Pain turns to anger, friends turn to strangers but right now i don't care. You'll get back, you will you will. I promise"-Trey Songz. "Unfortunate".
Sooo what does a guy find a turn on in a mate?-...You should have brains! :D
Okay i hope you like it!-Isabel.! Lyrics 100% accurate luvies. If you don't like Trey IM SOOOO SORRY but he has good songs and imma use 'em! :P

38. Chapter 38: Here i am. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 4] (192 words)
"Here i am, im yo' man came widd everything undefeated, one mind, one heart one love all you gotta do is take my hand, we will stand this was made to last forever"-Trey Songz. "One love".(:
Hope you like! Review! I will update when i get reviews(: This is it for now luvies! Enjoyyy!

39. Chapter 39: Don't go. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 1] (197 words)
"Baby please don't gooo if i wake up tomorrow will you still be here? Baby please don't go"-Mike Posner.
I hope you like it and thank you ToriAnn for the amazing reviews and LOVINGYOU ,ImYoursForever, TaylorBieber01, :D if i didn't get you now i will get you later!!(: So i like this Mike Posner song so yeah!! And yes, yes i love Trey Songz &' Chris Brown. And of course DEFINITELY LOVE JUSTIN.(; I hope you enjoy.

40. Chapter 40: Im gone. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (175 words)
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41. Chapter 41: Dear god by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 4] (198 words)
"Dear god, the only thing i ask of you is to hold her when im not around when im much too far away."-Avenged Seven Fold. :)
Hope you like it!!-Isabel.

42. Chapter 42: Miss me. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (198 words)
"And i hope that you miss me a lot when im gone"-Drake.
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~..Chapter dedicated to: Simplyloved...~(:

43. Chapter 43: Never Let You Go. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (191 words)
"It's like an angel came by and took me to heaven cause when i stare in your eyes it couldn't be better, let the music blast we gon' do our dance. Watch my feet, follow me, don't be scared girl im here if you didn't know i'll never let you gooo"-Justin Bieber.(:
Hope you like this :') Cause i love you all!! God bless you hope you like.

44. Chapter 44:Justin Drew Bieber. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (207 words)
"I don't think you're ready for this challange! I don't think you're ready for this challange!"-Justin Bieber (Never Say Never movie).
I love you all so much :) i hope you're not mad at me! Don't HATE ME! D; haha enjoyyyy.

45. Chapter 45: No help. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 4] (202 words)
"I can't take back the words i never said (never said)"-Lupe Fiasco. (:
I hope you like this chappie and this song is called "Words i never said" by Lupe Fiasco off his cd "LASERS" Good video &' good song. I hope you like my story again plz never hate me haha i love you guys too mucho. Enjoy luvesterz!! ;)

46. Chapter 46: Do youu feel it? by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (212 words)
I hoppee youuu like dis chappie!! Ohh btw da song Justin sings is "The Sky's the limit" by Jasooooon Deruuuuuloo!!(; look it up i remixed it nicelyyy! Hope u like thank u (Simplyloved) :D all of u ily !Enjoyyy.

47. Chapter 47: Don't be scared. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (191 words)
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48. Chapter 48: Never Say Never. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 4] (199 words)
"I will fight! I will fight till' forever! (make it right) whenever you knock me down i will NOT stay on the ground, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up,up,up and Never say Never! Like Never say never! I never thought that i could feel this power i never thought that i could be this freeeee, im strong enough to climb the highest tower and im fast enough to run across the seaa!"-Justin Bieber. :)
Okay i hope you liked the twist!(: Im so greatful for all of you! My first story to ever to get 5,000 views! :') Im so happy! Enjoy luvies.

49. Chapter 49: Favorite Girl. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (211 words)
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50. Chapter 50: In your arms. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (201 words)
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51. Chapter 51: I got something in mind. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (210 words)
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52. Chapter 52: Apologize. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (214 words)
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53. Chapter 53:Reunited.(: by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (209 words)
The 3 Musketeers are together again! Ryan Butsy! Chazzy Somers! Justin Biebs!(: I hope you like it luvies.
Check out "Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry. Amazing vid.! Much love-Isabel!

54. Chapter 54: Suspicion. (: by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (208 words)
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55. Chapter 55: Get to singing! by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (217 words)
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56. Chapter 56: This is it. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 4] (197 words)
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57. Chapter 57: Im ready. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 3] (209 words)
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58. Chapter 58: One Love. by xxIm_Awesomexx [Reviews - 2] (217 words)
This song is Trey Songz song. On the album "Ready" i or Justin do not own it. Enjoy.