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Author's Chapter Notes:

What's this? A new chapter? Could it be?
*trumpets* Hallelujah! 

Rules of Seduction

Annabelle's POV

It had been raining for the last few hours, Pattie was out, and Justin had been busy with phone calls downstairs since breakfast. I sat, bored, on his bed trying to ignore the dull pain in my stomach. I organized my suitcase; wrote in my diary; watched the rain. I glanced at myself in his mirror, scrunching my nose at the sight of my messy hair.  I rifled through my bag, pulling out my brush and my ipod. I went over to his stereo and decided to put some music on to help pass the time...


Justin's POV

‘Okay, thanks, catcha later,' I said, ending the last phone call for the morning.

Finished. Finally.

‘Annabelle?' I shouted, hearing a thump coming from upstairs. I ran up the stairs and hesitated, pushing open the door to my room a few inches. I had to hold back a laugh as my girlfriend spun into view, dancing and singing her heart out to that song from Easy A... 

‘I've got a pocket gotta pocket full of sunshine, I've got a love and I know that it's all mine oh, oohhh woahh, do what you want ‘cause you're never gonna break me, sticks and stone are never gonna shake me, ohhh woahh. TAKE ME AWAYYY, A SECRET PLACEEE, A SWEET ESCA- JUSTIN!' She shrieked in surprise, throwing down her hairbrush.

I burst into hysterics, running in and throwing her over my shoulder.

‘Justin! Put! Me! Down! Oh my God, what are you doing?!' she yelped.

‘You are too cute, you know that?' I said, grinning and carrying her down the stairs. I sat her down on one of the recliners in the lounge room and stood in front of her.

‘So,' I said.


‘I've finished my calls... Wanna play hide and seek?' I asked, bouncing up and down, suddenly filled with energy.

She giggled, ‘What? Are you being serious?'

I stopped bouncing, ‘Oh. I mean...if you don't want to...I was just-‘

‘NO, no! I wanna play! I wanna play!' she squealed, jumping up.

Not gonna lie, I'd started bouncing again.

‘We are the biggest kids ever,' I laughed, taking her left hand and playing with her fingers.

She simply smiled at me, waiting for my instructions.

‘Okay, so! Rules!'

‘Yes, rules!' she repeated after me.

‘Count to 60. We have to stay inside the house, and we can hide in any room, except my mom's,' I said.

‘Deal! Who's hiding first?' she asked.

‘Me, of course!' I said, poking my tongue at her.

‘One...two...three...four,' she started counting and put her hands over her eyes.

‘Hey, no fair!' I shouted as I started running for the stairs, skidding on the floor in my socks.


Annabelle's POV

‘Fifty-nine, sixty! Ready or not, here I come!' I called out.

I opened my eyes and looked towards the staircase - I'd heard him go bounding up there so I dismissed the need to search downstairs. I tip-toed up the stairs, sniffing him out.

‘You realise I can smell you, right? Did you shower in your cologne today?' I teased.

I walked passed his room, hearing Natasha Beddingfield still playing on repeat.

I glanced around the office opposite his room, noticing nothing out of the ordinary. I continued walking down the hallway, stopping at his little music room. I took a minute, smiling at the awards that were hung up on the walls. Just as I was about to get lost in my thoughts, I heard the faintest cough. I whipped my hair around, focusing on the laundry room.

I giggled excitedly, skipping into the room, ‘Well now, wherever could my boyfriend be?!'

I snuck a glance at the linen cupboard as I opened the lid of the washing machine.

‘I have searched high and low, but he is just no where to be found,' I said, moving to look in the drier.

I turned and stood directly in front of the cupboard doors.

Was that a glint of brown I saw?

‘But of course, linen cupboards don't cough. Maybe in Narnia, who knows, but not mine. And! They certainly don't have a pair of gorgeous honey brown eyeballs in them, either!' I said, yanking open the doors.

‘I couldn't help it! It's stuffy in there!' Justin said, stepping out and pouting at me.

I grinned, tugging the hem of his t-shirt and leading him back downstairs.

‘Is my cologne really that strong?' he asked.

‘No, silly, I was just making fun. Although, I can smell you wherever I go in your house, but that's just... because it's your house.'

‘Does it smell nice at least?'

I smiled, ‘You smell delicious, don't stress. Now! It's my turn!' I said, placing his hands over his face.


Justin's POV

I tugged my jeans up as I leaned over and looked behind the couch. What the hell? I'd been searching for her for 10 minutes so far, having been both upstairs and downstairs.

‘Annabelle, Annabelle, where for art thou, Annabelle?' I called out. I knew she loved it when I recited Shakespeare...even if it was just one line.

I started back upstairs again for the second time. ‘Apparently I have to hone in on my hide and seek seems I'm out of practice, huh?' I said to no one in particular.

I walked into my room and turned off her ipod. That song was already playing on a loop in my head. I went into my bathroom, opening the shower door and closing it again, getting a little frustrated. I stood in the middle of my room wearing my best detective face.

‘There's really no space anywhere in my room. Not under my bed, not in my bathroom, not in my closet! There is no way you could possibly....' I mused out loud, sliding open the doors of my closet.

I looked down and there she was, curled up in a ball on her side on the floor of my wardrobe. I crouched down and she stared up at me.

‘My tummy is really hurting, Justin,' she whispered, a grimace on her face.

I crawled over her, squeezing in behind her in the classic spooning position.

‘I'm sorry, sweetie. I wish there was something I could do,' I whispered back, placing a light kiss on her shoulder.

She sighed and wriggled against me as I slowly slid my hand over her waist and underneath her shirt. I slipped my hand under the band of her sweats, feeling her smooth skin.

‘Justin, what are you doing?' she rushed, tensing.

‘Shhh, relax,' I spoke into her hair.

I pressed my hand gently against her abdomen, rubbing my thumb back and forth.

‘How does that feel? I asked.

She responded with a soft moan. ‘Your hand is so warm,' she whispered.

I smiled, ‘Is that good?'

‘It's heavenly,' she murmured, melting into me.

‘We don't have to do much today if you don't want to, baby. We can just lie in bed and watch crap tv,' I suggested.

She nodded, putting her hand over mine.


Annabelle's POV

After we had lunch, we'd snacked on junk food and watched movies all afternoon. The next thing we knew, it was closing in on 10pm. The day had just totally gotten away from us, but I was glad.

Severe womb-ache - I had it. It felt like Renesmee was trying to bust her way outta my stomach, but thanks to Justin and his lips, I was somewhat distracted. Every so often when a commercial would come on, he would attack me with kisses. Sometimes slow and gentle, other times passionate and full on - Sometimes tiny kisses over my face and neck, other times his tongue was so determined inside my mouth it was like he was trying to devour me whole.

A couple were having a rather heated moment in the programme we were watching, and I smirked as I saw him bite his lip. My smirk turned then into a shit eating grin as I slowly drew my hand that had been resting on his knee up his thigh, and down again, smoothing over his jeans. I heard his breath hitch as I went higher this time, and I had to bite my lip from letting out a giggle. I loved messing with him.

‘Annabelle...' he warned.

‘Yes?' I turned my face towards him, batting my eyelashes.

Don't be a tease,' he said, rolling his eyes and flicking between channels.

He got up and dropped the remote onto his pillow. ‘I'm gonna change for bed, ‘kay babe?'

‘Mmmmhmm,' I mumbled, too distracted by the KFC ad that was on tv. I swear I could hear my stomach growl at me.

I glanced over at the bathroom, noticing he'd barely even closed the door. I crawled to the edge of the bed to get a better view.

‘Oh my...' I whispered, as he crossed his arms and stripped off his shirt.

My eyes soaked up the lovely sight of his back and shoulders and the muscles that were developing there. I licked my lips as I got a glimpse of his hips and he paused.

‘Anna... are you watching me change?' he asked, turning around and looking at me pointedly.

‘What?! Uh, no, no I, I was just...' I stuttered, failing to come up with an excuse for my blatant perving.

‘Well hey, if you want to watch so badly...' he said winking, coming to stand in front of me.

His effing tattoo slayed me on the daily - whenever I saw it I turned to mush. I held my breath as he undid the button of his black skinny jeans and slid the zip down.

‘I like those jeans...' I said, blushing.

‘Thanks love,' he said, crawling onto the bed and kneeling next to me.

I also love your thighs in those jeans...

‘Unfortunately, I can't sleep in them, so...'

He laid on his back and shimmied out of them, kicking them to the floor, and sat up cross legged. I was admiring his grey boxerbriefs when my eyes glued to his stomach. If I didn't know better, I'd say he was getting pretty...defined.

My God, he is beautiful.

He took his socks off and flung them across the room. ‘Now, I am ready for bed!' He announced, leaning back into the pillows, folding his arms behind his head.

I looked at his smug expression. Now who's the tease?

I shifted myself up the bed towards his legs, trailing a finger up the sole of his bare foot. He jerked his knee up to his chest, letting out a yelp.


I playfully attacked his other foot, making him squirm again.

‘Annabelle!' he laughed.

I shot him and evil grin. Quick as a flash he dove on top of me, tickling my sides and pinning me down. I tried my best to break free, or at least tickle him back, but he was surprisingly strong.

‘Justin!' I squealed, trying to kick him off me.

After a good five minutes of uncontrollable laughing from the both of us, I managed to get my breath back. I could feel his fingers gently grazing over my torso, his light breath on my face; I could hear his cheeky giggling in my ear. In this moment, I was so happy just to be with him. No calls. No work. No crew. Just us.

‘Hey...' he nudged my cheek with his nose.

‘Hmm?' I asked, looking up into his sweet brown eyes.

‘I lost you for a minute there. Where'd you go?' His hands stopped their assault and instead his thumbs moved in soothing circles either side of my bellybutton.

The circles kill. me. dead. Everytime.

His eyes went from playful to intent. He sat up slightly, still straddling my hips.

‘I just love you, that's all,' I said simply.

He beamed down at me, lowering his lips to my ear.

‘I love you too.'

I smiled, rubbing my hands down his thighs as he went to speak again.

‘You know what else I love, Annababy?' he asked.


‘Being on top of you.'

He placed a chaste kiss on my cheek and lay down completely on top of me.

I blushed, letting out an embarrassed giggle.

‘I like it, too,' I said, stroking his hair and pushing it out of his face.

‘Y'know, the past few days have been really nice,' he said, resting his cheek against my chest and grabbing the remote again.

I nodded in agreement, trailing my hand up and down the soft skin on his back. We'd gone for a few strolls, played some video games, and tried cooking for each other. The latter hadn't worked out so well... but other than almost setting the kitchen on fire, it had been really great.

‘Don't get mad if I fall asleep on you, ‘kay?' he mumbled.

‘Mkay,' I smirked, rubbing my cheek against his hair, feeling quite sleepy myself.


I opened my eyes, feeling something at my hip. I didn't know how long we'd been asleep for, but it was still dark out.

‘Justin?' my groggy voice choked out.

I was looking around for the blankets when I felt whatever it was push into my hip again. I waited for my eyes to adjust as I looked down at the arm over my stomach, gripping my waist. A leg was hitched over mine, and soft heaving grunts alerted me to what was going on.

Grinding into my side, his hips going in for the kill, was Justin - fast asleep, mouth half open.

‘Anna...' he moaned in a whisper.

I figured I should probably wake him before he got too wound up.

‘Babe...wake up...Justin!'

‘Mmm,' he scooted up my body, lazily kissing my neck. Really, it was more like he was just slobbering over me, but eh, he was half asleep after all.

‘Justin Drew, you better wake your ass up right now,' I warned.

He snapped awake, pushing himself off me, ‘Hmm? What?'

‘Having a nice dream, were we?' I asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

‘Uhh...what? What dre- OH!' his eyes widened.

‘Mmmhmm...' I murmured.

He sighed, rubbing his face, ‘Too good to be true.'

‘Sorry for assaulting your sleeping figure,' he mumbled, lying on his side to face me.

I laughed, ‘It's fine sweetpea, go back to sleep.'    

Chapter End Notes:

Once again you guys, I am so very sorry for the delay.
I am incredibly happy with this chapter, and I hope it at least makes up for the long wait. Thankyou for being so patient! Also, a gargantuan thankyou to my Lisa for helping me with this little gem. Love you h0meGurl ♥

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