Bieber Plus
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 It was the typical love story:

They were best friends.

She fell in love.

He was clueless.

And now?

Now she has finally reached her breaking point.

That one night where you just break down and think to yourself, “I can’t do this anymore.”

Rated: Teens
Categories: Characters: Justin Bieber, Original Character (female)
Genre: Fluff
Length: Multi-Chapter
Tags: fluff
Warnings: Emotional Abuse
Series: None
Chapters: 5 Completed: No
Word count: 6576 Read: 9114
Published: 09/20/11 Updated: 12/20/11

1. The First Chapter by Tineal [Reviews - 8] (593 words)

So this doesn't really have much Justin in this yet. But it's my first try at a story with no p.o.v so yeah

2. The second chapter by Tineal [Reviews - 0] (1339 words)

The rest of the story will be set like a couple of months from now. So this part is a couple of months before what will be posted up next. I did it this way to establish the characters more, so yeah. And in the next chapters there'll be more Justin. Coz the story is like about him. 

3. The Third Chapter by Tineal [Reviews - 3] (1676 words)

So after alot of thinking I finally decided to make Justin famous in the story, it seemed that it would make the story more interesting. 

4. The Fourth Chapter by Tineal [Reviews - 1] (1426 words)

So um yeah . . . 

5. The Fifth Chapter by Tineal [Reviews - 7] (1542 words)