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Story Notes:

I wrote this on my old account, this is an edited repost, check if you want, i didn't delete my old one (One Less Lonely Girl- by LaneyBieber) so you could see that I actually said this and not report me. hope chu like! :3


This is one of the first stories i wrote but I never actually put it online. It's been edited though I, hope you like! ;)


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Elsie Mockingbird


"Dear Diary,

     Did you know it's my 15th birthday today?... Wow! I feel so exited; although i think most of that is due to me going to see Justin Bieber in an hours time! That's right! THE Justin Bieber, J-biebz, The Biebster, Purple Ninja, oh... you get the picture!

     I know it probably seems weird, the fact that a 15 year old girl is so hyped up and exited about a concert, even if it is for a birthday. The thing is, aside form the fact that I absoloutly adore Justin Bieber for chasing his dream, having courage, his sweet personality and UBER good looks with his oh so silky hair and fab abs that.... oh... what was i saying? Sorry i'm prone to day-dreaming, as you will notice! Anyway... like i was saying, aside from the fact that i absoloutly adore Dr. Bieber, most of my exitement is because... well... I've never been to a concert before... heh...

     Now don't get me wrong, I've always wanted to go to a concert! but let's just say that my family aren't exactly the richest people you'll meet. Infact the only reason I have a ticket to this concert is because of my best friend since i was 1 and a half (and i mean that honestly, my  mum showed me the video of me and Rosa first meeting... i still don't know what possesed her to film that... strange mother). Rosa's father got us both FREE tickets in the 4th row!!! he is really amazing and Rosa is very lucky to have him. He was able to get the tickets for us because he's apprantly playing a large part in the making of this concert in particular. At the time i was so overwhelmed by it all I didn't listen to what it was, but i'm not telling Rosa that incase she gets offended."

I put down my pen and grinned to myself. This was going to be the best day of my life, I just knew it. Time seemed to fly as if the hours were minutes and soon it was 5pm and the concert had just started. Me and Rosa were going crazy as Justin sang. I thought i saw him glance at me a couple of time's and almost fainted, but now that i think about it he was probably looking at Rosa. I pride myelf on knowing both my good and bad points and not being afraid to admit them. Thats why i don't mind saying that i know i'm pretty. but if you compare me to Rosa... I am a lump of granite and she is a dimond. Nothin' else needs to be said.

     Part way though one of his songs, i felt really embarrassed as i had to push through the crowds to go to the toilet. seven bottes of coke in the car because i was nervous was not one of my best idea's. At least Rosa came with me to protect me from the angry beliebers who thought we were leaving altogether. I know Rosa would rather not suffer this abuse and jut carry on watching, but in the car she had promised me that this would be the best night of my life, and Rosa never broke a promise.

      "Rosa, thank you so much for offering to come with me to the loo's, these beleibers are so violent!" I shouted over the noise to Rosa.

     "I know, Elsie! That's is why i came. Silly!" she replied with a laugh. As we got nearer to the edge of the crowds we bumped into a large body guard type man who was looking around, but it wasn’t Kenny, or Justin’s new body guard. We’d never seen this guy before. we stood still in slight fear of him and he looked at both me and Rosa. Finally he turned to Rosa and smiled "you'll do nicely!" he praised her, causing me and Rosa exchanged horror struck glances as the same thing ran accross both our minds

     "what would you say to being Justing Biebers one less lonley gir-" the man was cut off when Rosa kicked him in the face unexpectedly. i just stood there shocked.

     "Take THAT you pedo," she screamed, then paused, "wait... did you just say Justin Bieber's one less lonley girl...? oops..."

     "yeah, oops. and for that i think i'll go find someone else for him you little brat!"

     The man began to walk away when Rosa called out "no wait!" Oh sourpatches! Did Rosa really think she could be the One Less Lonely Girl after that episode? Apparantly the answer was yes because she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back with a pleading look.

     "You're a strong little mite aren't-cha! but the answer is still n-"

     "You dont have to go looking for a new One Less Lonley Girl! She's standing right infront of you!" At this point I covered my eye's in embarassment. A true face-palm moment. (Lol, that was for you if I ever let you read this online Caz) Boy she really was desprate! But when they didnt say anymore after that I looked up confused. OH SOURPATCHES ROSA WAS POINTING AT ME!

     Every fibre in my body screamed in joy silently. THERE'S NO WAY THIS IS HAPPENING! ME? TO ME?

     "Well she is rather pretty," the man concieded (ME? ELSIE MOCKINGBIRD?!) ,"ok fine I'll take your friend. whats your name?"

     Rosa looked up confused (IF THIS HAPPENS I'LL DIE OF HAPPINESS!) "well I don't think it really matters but-"

     "Not you!" The man sighed, becoming aggitated. He was looking at me (OH SOUR PATCHESSSS!!) and i just stood there for a few moments with an open mouth, earning confused looks from Rosa and the man.

     "WOW THIS IS AMAZING I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME!" Rosa actually stepped back in alarm and the man blinked a few times. Oops... I think that silent scream was outloud. A few awkward moments passed with all three of us bright red- Including this huge anonymous guy with muscles like entire cows. That made me giggle a little. A few more moments passed before anyone spoke. coincidentily: me. 

     "My name is Elsie." I said just loud enough that they could hear over the screaming. I was so flustered and so exited I could hardly breathe and I had to make a lot of effort to say those few words. I turned to Rosa, grinning wildly and hugged her. "oh my gosh you are just amazing Rosa!" I gushed to her as we pulled back. Rosa shrugged and gave a lopsided smile. "Like i said: 'I promise this will be the best night of your life' and now it will be."

     "um Rosa... i think i'd better let you know-" I started before she cut me off. Man that girl was pushy!

      "yes, yes i do know how sick that sounded. But its still true so go get your booty up there girl! Hurry up!" She explained, pushing me into the man. The man spun me around to face him as I was about to say to her that I was actually about to tell her that she had half a hotdog caught in her hair, and that I never thought about that saying being gross, but now that she's said it I won't be able to get it out of my head you big pervert!

     "You can have your girly love fest later, but you're going to miss the song if you stay here for another minute! We do need to hurry!" He exclaimed. Sure enought "One Less Lonely Girl" had started already. He grabbed my arm and pulled me though the crowds and backstage as Rosa went back through the crowds in the other direction to our seat. I hoped I could find it again too.

     Backstage was awesome. So many people! everything was a happy daze and a blur until i was suddenly led onto the stage with the blinding lights, but i was too happy to care if my eye's had begun to ache. I was sat down on a silver stool in the middle of the stage and i vaguely registered being passed some flowers, though in the lights i couldn't tell who gave them to me. a few seconds later my eyes becaume accustomed to the glare and i could see Justin singing to me. I knew i must look a sight, i was both crying and grinning from ear too ear... well not literally because that’s probably impossible so lets just say i was grinning as widely as possible.

     Justin moved further forward and looked straight into my eyes. A warm bubble of happiness welled up inside of me. Now this truly was a night to remember! but as he looked into my eyes he suddenly stopped singing and dropped his microphone. someone on sound duty must have thought it was an accident and turned on his head mic instead. the whole arena heard what he said before he fainted.


Nope, scratch that, NOW it's night to remember!

Chapter end notes:

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