Bieber Plus
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"Dad! Dad! There's a body in the water!"



Rated: Teens
Categories: Characters: Justin Bieber, Original Character (female)
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Tags: adoption, africa, age difference, angel, arranged marriage, artist, asia, baby, babysitter, backstage, bet, betrayal, boss/employee, breakup, bromance, brother, canada, cheating, college, criminal, crossover, cute, dark, daughter , death, disability, disaster, divorce, employee, europe, facebook, father, fluff, forgiveness, friend, funny, gay, ghost, gothic, historical, holiday, hurt/comfort, illness, interracial, jail, jealousy, kidnapped, latin america, lost love, love/hate, marriage, model, neighbors, not famous, paparazzi, pregnancy, religious, rivals, royalty, school, shocking, sister, son, songfic
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Published: 07/27/12 Updated: 08/03/12
Story Notes:

This is a submission for the official Summer Challenge with as theme water, so it will just have 3 chapters. Enjoy

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"So was Justin, apparently." - Justin Bieber

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"Welcome on board. Welcome on 'Heart Of The Ocean'." - Lux Abernathy

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"Justin, I lied to you. You have a girlfriend at home." - Lux Abernathy