Bieber Plus
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I don’t want to go.

I don’t have to go.

I don’t have any friends.

I’d rather stay at home.

My name is Jenny McCabe and my parents own a caravan on a caravan site, i hate it, i dont know anyone, we've only had it a few months, i don't have any friends, anyone i can turn to, i need to go out and meet people.


I love it here.

Its where i can get away.

Away from everything.

I have a different life here.

My name is Justin Bieber and my parents own a caravan on a caravan site, ive had a troubled upbringing, but here i can be who i want to be, i can be myself, i dont need to pretend, ive had this caravan ever since i can remember and i love it. 


A lot can happen in 6 weeks. What happens when Jenny meets Justin? Will it be a summer romance or will it end in tears?

Rated: Teens
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1. Chapter 1 by jennyxo [Reviews - 4] (1576 words)

So this is my first story, so it might go terribly wrong, so here you go :)