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Author's Chapter Notes:

“What do you guys think you’re doing?”

Ch. 5

All StratfordSchool’s Event (Part 2)


Kasey McCann

“Are we done yet?” Laia sighed, letting out a loud sigh.

I rolled my eyes inwardly. This girl is too lazy to do anything.

“Just one more box, Laia, think you can do it?” I ask, propping a hand on my hip, glancing at her amusingly.

“Yes.” She huffed, walking over to where Rachel was.

I laugh lightly, picking up a cupcake filled box, propping it down on the neatly built wooden counter.

“We got a customer.” Rachel sang, walking up beside me to greet our first customer.

“How much is it for one pink cupcake?” A cute, little girl around six, wearing two pig tails, grinned at me and Rachel, showing all her small baby teeth.

“That would be just one dollar, sweetie.” I smiled, grabbing a pink icing covered cupcake off the counter bending over slightly, handing it over to the cute, little blonde.

“Here you go, I think that’s one dollar.” She giggled cheekily, handing over the money.

I chuckled. “It sure is, enjoy the cupcake!” I smiled heartedly at her, as I watched her small figure run over to I’m guessing was her mother.

“Aww, she was cute!” Laia grinned.

“But our next customer is nothing but cute.” Rachel mumbled, glaring at the person behind me.

I wrinkled my eyebrows, turning around to meet the icy blue eyes that belonged to the slut herself, Vanessa.

“What do you guys think you’re doing?” She scowled, crossing her pixie-thin arms, glaring at all three of us.

I narrowed my eyes at her. “What are you talking about?” I ask, confused at where she was going with this.

“We were supposed to get this spot, not you.” She seethed through her teeth, her clones, Veronica and Sierra stood behind her, smirking.

“This spot? Wait - what are you talking about?” Rachel asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

“Yes, this spot, meaning we are supposed to sell our own cupcakes here.” She replied, glaring.

I shook my head. “You’re getting worked up because we took your ‘spot’?” I snorted, finding the situation itself, ridiculous and immature. “Are you serious right now?” I ask, amused.

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, I am, now move!” She spat.

“We’re not moving because your ass is too lazy to find somewhere else, so, you move.” Laia snapped, finally speaking.

Vanessa fumed.

“I am not moving, this was our spot first, now go!” She possibly glowered with anger.

This girl is crazy, what the fuck did she smoke before she got here?

“What is going on here?” We heard a male’s voice shout from across us.

I sigh, great just what we needed.

“See what you did?” Vanessa shouted loudly, pointing a slim finger at us.

Rachel scoffed. “What we did?” She asked. “What we did?” She repeats. “You guys were the ones who came up to us shouting that we should move because this is supposedly you’re spot, what the fuck? It’s no one’s spot; there is loads of free space, use it.” Rachel spat.

“All I could hear was all this shouting coming from here, what are you fighting about now?” I heard the familiar voice of Mr. Reymer come closer to us.

It annoys me that this is not the first time this has happened, Vanessa picking fights that are pointless and immature, like grow up for Goodness sake. This is something that a five year old would do.

“But sir, they’re at our place.” Vanessa whined, stomping her foot on the ground like a child would when their parent’s say no for something they want.

He sighed. “Is this seriously why you’re fighting now?” He asked.

And it was just that moment that I saw our whole school’s basketball team standing behind him, with smirks on their faces.

I caught Justin’s eye. Oh my gosh, his eye’s look exactly l-

“Tell them to move!” Vanessa shouted, pointing at our direction.

“None of you are moving you’re both sharing the same spot, equally! Now, if I here another complaint coming from any of you again, you will all get detention for a month!” He shouted, his face a bright red from anger and the veins in his neck popping out.

“One month!?” We all shouted at the same time.

“Yes, now you’re all working together whether you like It or not!” He fumed, walking away. Now if this was a cartoon he would most likely have smoke coming out of his ears.

“So he’s saying we have to share our cupcake stand with that?” Rachel asked in pure disgust at Vanessa, Veronica and Sierra.

“Sadly, yes.” I muttered, not looking up as the whole basketball team was still staring at us.

“I cannot believe we have to share with them, like, they’re such loser’s. That would like, ruin our reputation.” I heard Sierra whine at both, Veronica and Vanessa.

I rolled my eyes.

“Boys! What are you all standing their for? Come on!” I heard Reymer shout at the basketball team as they walked away, mumbling at what happened merely ten minutes ago.

I glanced at Justin and saw he was staring at the ground with a confused look on his face, before his friend, which I knew was Ryan dragged him away with the rest of them.

I could have sworn his eyes reminded me of someone.

Could it have been? Nah, it was probably the sun reflecting his eyes and my imagination thinking it was Mystery Man’s.

“Shit! I got to piss!” Laia exclaimed, doing the pee-pee dance in the spot she was standing on.

Rachel laughed. “You look like a freak.”

“The bathroom’s are over there you know?” I said, nodding my head to the direction I was gesturing to.

“Thanks! You’re a lifesaver!” Laia said, sprinting to the nearest bathroom stall.

“Vanessa and the wannabe’s are taking their time.” Rachel mumbled.

I sighed. “I honestly rather get detention for a whole month then be stuck with them for the rest of the day.” I said, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear that fell from my bun.

“I know, it would be less torturing.” Rachel huffed.

I giggled. “Well we only have-“I stopped, glancing down at my blue watch on my wrist before stating. “Three hours left until the basketball game start, think we’ll last until then?” I grinned.

Rachel scoffed. “They will most likely get fed up and go flirt with the basketball player’s or some shit.”

I scrunched my nose up. “Yeah, your right.”

“Hey guys! I’m back” Laia announced her arrival, bouncing up to us.

“Took you long enough.” Rachel stated.

“There was a huge line plus I’m not allowed to eat the cupcakes so I bought a bagel.” She grinned, taking a bite from it.

I laughed, shaking my head.


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