Bieber Plus
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Rory sits in her living room with her favorite book. The fireplace blazing all around her.

She smiles as the beautiful words of Romeo and Juliet seep into the air around her.

She can't help but feel rejection, she can't help but feel pain.

All she wants is a love like Juliet's, someone she can love unconditionally and forever. But is that even possible? Can someone love as much as her?

Rated: Kids
Categories: Characters: Justin Bieber, Original Character (female), Selena Gomez
Genre: Romance
Length: One-Shot
Tags: breakup, cute, forgiveness, holiday, lost love
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 2839 Read: 319
Published: 12/14/12 Updated: 12/14/12
Story Notes:

Just a long one shot that I came up with while I was listening to Under the Mistletoe!! :) I hope you like it!!! xoxo Mandy

1. A Love Like Theirs. by xxAwCmonxx [Reviews - 1] (2839 words)

Enjoy!! :)