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"I think we could be romantic."

Justin and Elise were best friends.
They had always assumed their relationship was normal, tender, lucky.
And if you asked them if they loved eachother in any other way, they'd always lie.

Rated: Kids
Categories: Characters: Justin Bieber, Kenny Hamilton, Original Character (female), Original Character (male)
Genre: Fluff, Friendship
Length: Multi-Chapter
Tags: fluff, forgiveness, friend
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Published: 12/21/12 Updated: 08/24/13
Story Notes:

Banner by GracelessV. I own nothing but my O/C's and the banner. All characters like Elise Pierre and anyone else belongs to me, as well as the banner.  I do not own Justin Bieber, the movie Forrest Gump or anything else that may seem familiar. The story is inspired by the song Lucky by Jason Mraz as well as ideas from the song I'd Lie by Taylor Swift. No money is being made, but remember that plagiarism is a crime, and if I see anyone copying this story it WILL be reported to the administrators immediately.

Elise Pierre


1. p r o l o g u e by purplestain [Reviews - 16] (492 words)

“Do you ever think that they might be right?”

2. c h a p t e r - o n e by purplestain [Reviews - 10] (1432 words)

"-I don’t think of him that way."

3. c h a p t e r - t w o by purplestain [Reviews - 16] (1331 words)

"Why are you so excited?"

4. c h a p t e r - t h r e e by purplestain [Reviews - 9] (2176 words)

"I'd make a good husband, Jenn-ay."


5. c h a p t e r - f o u r by purplestain [Reviews - 8] (1020 words)

“I think we could be romantic.”

6. c h a p t e r - f i v e by purplestain [Reviews - 23] (1659 words)

I was scared and I didn't know what to do about it because it was Justin who was scaring me.