Bieber Plus
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justin had it hard.


a different show everynight not being able to fuck a girl when he wanted to or even have a good damn drink with a friend. 

but when he escapes from that all doing what he calls "taking a break" only to find out that the bartender he was flirting with now has a past that will make any boy think twice about being with her

but justin?

he isnt just anyone. and he is determind to show this girl what love really is.  

but his fans are crazy and so is his crew but they all just might be crazy enough to except a girl this broken or will scooter be the last one she hears before its lights out and hearts broken. 

the story must go on.  

Rated: Teens
Categories: Characters: Chaz Somers, Jeremy Bieber, Justin Bieber, Original Character (female), Pattie Mallette, Ryan Butler, Scooter Braun, Selena Gomez
Genre: Action, Drama, Family, Friendship, General, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Tragedy
Length: Multi-Chapter
Tags: artist, betrayal, breakup, cute, dark, disaster, employee, forgiveness, friend, funny, hurt/comfort, jealousy, lost love, love/hate, paparazzi
Warnings: Drug Abuse, Language
Series: None
Chapters: 11 Completed: No
Word count: 21409 Read: 17223
Published: 04/09/13 Updated: 09/14/13
Story Notes:

these are some of the characters you will see in the story!

* i will add more throughoutt the story*

arianna blair:


justin bieber:





scooter braun:








alfredo flores: 




pattie mallet: 


selena gomez: 




vannesa strauss: 

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