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 There's always "That Summer".  The summer you fall in love, do something great, explore, travel, try something new, ect.  The best summer of your life.  When you think about it, you find yourself smiling no matter what.  Well, "that summer"  was Our Summer.


Farrah Morgan

and her best friend Brailynn Farmers

 take off to work at a hotel

 on a small, tropical island in the Carribean,

 Where they cater some interesting-not-to-mention hot guests. 


Justin Bieber

and his best friends

Ryan Butler, and Chaz Sommers

decide to take a vacation.

They head to a small, tropical island in the Carribean. 


Farrah Morgan

has always been good

always done as asked

always got good grades

always made good friends

always treated her parents good

never snuck out

never drank, or smoked

never had a boyfriend,

and never had her first kiss.


Justin Bieber

well, there's too much bad to explain.

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Published: 02/03/11 Updated: 06/01/12

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June 1st

6. Getting Good at Falling on People by chasingbutterflies22 [Reviews - 6] (748 words)

"The other girl, the one with dirty blonde hair straightened all the way down to her belly button, stood there with her giant dark green eyes buldging out of their sockets."

7. Thinking With My Dick by chasingbutterflies22 [Reviews - 4] (737 words)

Thank you all for the reviews!  I hope you like it<3

8. "Allergic to DUST?" by chasingbutterflies22 [Reviews - 21] (932 words)
"Give me a chance. I'm not really that guy you just saw in there. I can be different. Just, let me prove it to you. Give me a chance to show you me, not Justin Bieber"

9. Hell-Bent by chasingbutterflies22 [Reviews - 4] (490 words)

"Just shut up and come on" he smiled. I liked the fact that he smiled instead of that smirk. That smile was really cute.

10. That gawd-awful smirk.. by chasingbutterflies22 [Reviews - 2] (947 words)

"It is, isn't it?" not taking my eyes of of Farrah. I didn't take my hands off of her waist either, but she didn't seem to notice. She just stared out at the sunset on the horizon, taking in all it's beauty while I took in hers.

11. South Shore Aquaruim by chasingbutterflies22 [Reviews - 4] (834 words)

Don't panick, Farrah.

The person pulled me away from the group.

Do not panick, Farrah.

Down a hallway.

Seriously, don't panick, Farrah.

Down a dark, empty hallway.

Okay, panick.

12. That Was When I Realized by chasingbutterflies22 [Reviews - 4] (630 words)

"I heard a switch flick in the distance, and heard Justin whisper in my ear, 'Surprise'. "

13. What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? by chasingbutterflies22 [Reviews - 3] (369 words)

Justin chuckled. "You're wierd", he told her.

"There something wrong with that?" Farrah asked, pretending to be offended as they took their ice creams and sat at a table, waiting on the others.

"Nope. I like wierd" Justin grinned at Farrah.


14. Can't Swim by chasingbutterflies22 [Reviews - 3] (1028 words)

I came up from underwater, and looked around for Farrah's smiling face.

But I didn't see it.

15. The Only Girl Ever by chasingbutterflies22 [Reviews - 27] (428 words)

"Is there something wrong?" Justin asked, looking hurt.