Bieber Plus
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Galleries hung along the wall, showing off endless paintings that everyone in New York ogled over. A full room of plastic smelling, pastel colored works of what people called art.
That was something Justin never thought he'd venture into.

Until he saw the lovely Anastasia, the girl who was the creator of some priceless masterpieces.
That was when he figured he might as well give his two cents.


"Why, you must be the most successful man in this city; you wouldn't even think of buying one of these."

"Why, you must be the artist who quite frankly doesn't know me at all."

Rated: Kids
Categories: Characters: Justin Bieber
Genre: Romance
Length: One-Shot
Tags: love/hate
Warnings: None
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Published: 05/25/13 Updated: 05/25/13
Story Notes:

Banner by Nala @ TDA. Character banner by fallenangel08.
This is my entry for the Official Quote Challenge.
I own the plot line, and my FC.
I do not own Justin Bieber or Hayley WIlliams.

Anastasia ((Burnett))

1. no one ever captured my heart quite like you; by purplestain [Reviews - 5] (1399 words)

“I realized while walking by this studio out in the streets when I saw your paintings, that 
no one has ever captured my heart quite like you
did with your amazing talent.”