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Two can play that game”: A proverb that states that the tactics and/or strategies of an enemy can be used against him. Aubrey Jackson Vs. Justin Bieber-who will win their 'game of hearts'?

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1. Monday mornings// by hanOVO [Reviews - 9] (1105 words)

OK SO THIS IS MY FIRST EVER FANFICTION. I'm also writing this on my phone so I apologise for grammar mistakes in advance haha! I'm really not a big JB fan I have nothing against him I'm just not, but most FF's are about him and everyone knows who he is so... Anyway enough of me, enjoy! I'd appreciate any feedback you'd wanna give. c6;

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Thought it would be cool to do a chapter for the characters, like a little background. Enjoy :-) REVIEW PLEASE!

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Enjoy guys! Read and Review! :-)

5. Starstruck? {Part 1} by hanOVO [Reviews - 0] (987 words)

This is a TWO PART Chapter..enjoy and lemme know what you think! #review

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Part 2 of the ting.. :-) Enjoy.

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