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Rules of Seduction


I stared at the pamphlet and read it over and over again. Safe Haven seemed like the perfect place for me to go, but the only problem was that I had no idea how I was going to get there. First off, I didn’t know where it was and second of all, I didn’t know how I’d be able to sneak away.

On the back of the pamphlet, there was a phone number that I could call to get directions, but that still didn’t solve the problem of how to get away from Seth.

I sighed as I swung my feet over the edge of the bed. I grabbed my crutches and wobbled out of the room. I crossed the hall to the bathroom I’d seen earlier when Adam had helped me inside.

As I entered the bathroom, I didn’t dare look at my reflection. I didn’t want to know what I looked like.

Instead, I turned on the shower water and sat down on the lid of the toilet. I took my pants off and began to slowly pull my shirt over my head when I heard the sound of the door opening.

I was so startled I didn’t do anything, but just sat there frozen as if I’d blend into the wall.

I heard the sound of footsteps and I tensed from head to toe. I swallowed hard, this was a perfect opportunity for Seth to hurt me again and no doubt, he was going to take advantage of it. Just as I expected, I felt my shirt being lifted over my head.

I stared in shock as I realized that the guy wasn’t Seth, but instead it was Adam. He had a hard, unreadable expression on his face.

He reached out towards me and I flinched expecting the blow that would no doubt come.

“It’s okay,” he spoke softly as tears filled his eyes. His gaze never left the bruises and hand prints that covered my chest. “Seth did this to you didn’t he?”

I stared at him mindlessly for a moment. I didn’t know what to say or do. I was so terrified, my whole body began to shake.

“Don’t hurt me. Please,” I sobbed quietly.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he assured me as he covered me with a towel. “I just need you to tell me; who did this to you? It was Seth, wasn’t it?”

I continued to shake as tears streamed down my face.

“It’s okay,” he repeated as he kneeled in front of me and gently took my hands in his. “You can tell me.”

“No I can’t,” I whispered as I slowly shook my head and pulled my hands out of his grasp.

“Seth’s not here right now, Caitlin. He decided to go out with some buddies. He won’t hear anything that you say to me and I won’t tell him, I promise.”

“You’re his cousin,” I observed. “Why should I trust you?”

He looked thoughtful for a moment. “I had an older sister named Hillary. She was pretty, popular and smart. She went to college on a full academic scholarship and was the captain of the cheerleading squad and her boyfriend, Chevy, was the star football quarterback. I remember she came home from college and she was totally different. She’d changed from a bubbly person to this guarded invert. I questioned her about it, but she just pushed me away, so I let the whole thing go.” more tears filled his eyes. “A couple weeks later we got a call that from her roommate that she’d found Hillary in her room beaten, raped and strangled to death. She said that Hillary had tried to leave Chevy and obviously he’d gone mad.”

Tears poured down my own cheeks. “I’m so sorry.”

He nodded. “After that, my parents started Safe Haven. It’s a place for girls like Hillary to go and get help. It was a way for all of us to heal the pain and I personally vowed I’d never let a guy hurt another girl, ever.” he looked me in the eyes. “Please, let me help you.”

His gentle words and the story of his sister combined caused me to break down into sobs. Between hiccups and dry heaves I told Adam everything. I told him how Seth hit me and raped me.

“And now,” I gasped for breath. “He’s going to force me into an abortion.”

“No, he’s not.” he shook his head. “He’s not going to force you to do anything ever again, I promise.”



I gulped hard as the realization of what the pink plus sign before me meant. Caitlin was pregnant and Seth had raped her. I had no doubt in my mind that he’d forced himself on her. Caitlin had made a vow when she was thirteen that she wouldn’t have sex until she was married and she was determined to keep that promise.

I slammed my fist down on the sink in anger.

I stormed out of the bathroom and through the cabin. Every single sign of abuse stood out to me causing my rage to increase.

I was just about leave the cabin when my eyes landed on an orange sheet of paper that sat on the counter.

I grabbed it and my eyes quickly scanned the sloppy handwriting.

I stuffed it into my pocket and exited the cabin.

Holly and Kayla were hugging each other and they turned at the sound of my arrival.

“It’s horrible, isn’t it?” Kayla asked.

I clenched my jaw, but I didn’t reply. I was too angry.

“Let’s go,” I said simply.


I’d dropped Holly and Kayla off at Kayla’s house and they had agreed to tell her parents about the cabin and call the police. I, on the other hand, refused to wait around on the cops. They hadn’t done a thing to help up to this point and I didn’t have time for them to do nothing now.

I punched the scribbled address into my Range Rover’s GPS system and I began to follow the instructions.

I drove for about 45 minutes going further and further into Southern Canada until the low gas signal began to flash.

I continued driving until I found a gas station on the side of the road.

I pulled up to one of the pumps and climbed out.

I began to put gas in my car when I heard the unmistakable sound of a camera.

I turned to see a guy dressed in green sitting inside of a bush.

I rolled my eyes, threw my hoodie over my head and tried to focus on filling my gas tank, but after awhile the snaps got louder and closer. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by paparazzi.

“Justin! It’s been awhile, did the pressures of being a pop-star become to much for you?”

“Justin! Over here smile for the camera!”

“Hey Bieber, how does it feel to have stars like Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance steal your fans?”

I began to feel claustrophobic as they closed in on me tighter.

“Look guys, I need you to back up, okay?” It was no use they completely blocked me in on the left side, I couldn’t even get into my vehicle.

I felt my hear pound faster as they began to close in on me. I followed my first instinct. I timed it just right and I began to sprint towards a back alley I’d seen.

I ran and ran through the labyrinth losing every single one of the annoying paps, but I didn’t have a clue where I was.

I leaned against the brick wall breathlessly as I tried to regain my bearings.

The sound of people arguing caught my ear.

“Look, you owe me, man.” screamed a husky voice. “I got rid of your girlfriend’s car AND I was able to arrange for you to leave the country. You told me you’d give me the freakin’ money, now pay up!”

“I don’t remember saying any such thing and you’d better lower your damn voice before my boys and I bash your face in.” came another male voice that was followed by snickers.

I strained my ears as I tried to identify the second voice. I knew it, I was positive that I did, but I couldn’t put my finger on who it belonged to.

“You OWE ME!” the first guy screamed again. “You promised. You know you did! If you don’t give me my money, I’ll—”

“You’ll what?” 

“I’ll tell the police what you did to that girl.”

“No, you won’t.”

“Yes, I will.” the 1st guy said defiantly.

“NO, YOU WON’T!” I heard the sound of a gun-shot go off and I felt my heart pound in my chest.

I quickly turned to run away, only to run into a metal garbage can and make a lot of noise.

I began to run, only to feel myself snatched back and in the arms of two muscular guys who reeked of alcohol.

“Who’s our little eavesdropper?” one asked pulling back my hoodie.

I looked up to see none other than the pervert himself, Seth McIntosh.

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