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Author's Chapter Notes:

3 reviews and 51 reads in one day...that's better than I expected!! haha Love you all <33


Rules of Seduction


I pulled my car into the empty garage and stiffly climbed out.

I walked into the vacant house and placed the bread in the bread box.

I sat my doughnut on a plate and poured myself a glass of milk.

Glancing at the clock, I realized it was now 7:15. 

My parents were at my younger brother, Christian’s soccer game which was about an hour and a half away from here.

The game was supposed to start at 7:30 and last until about 9:00. 

So, they probably wouldn’t be home until 11:00.

I went upstairs and made myself a bubble bath and sprinkled in Epsom salt to help with the pain.

I slid out of my clothes and glanced at my bruised body in the mirror.

My cheek, stomach, and inner thighs had turned black and blue.

I sighed.

I pulled my hair into a ponytail and clipped it up.

I slid into the warm water closing my eyes.

I heard my cell phone ring and I grabbed it off the toilet, careful not to drop it.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hey, Caitlin!”

“Hey, Chaz.” I smiled. “What’re you doing?”

“Nothing. What about you?”

“Just relaxing.” I said. 

“Oh, okay. Do you know if you have any powdered sugar?”

“I’ll have to check, but I’m pretty sure we do, Why?”

“Because, my mom’s trying to make cupcakes and we ran out.”

“Couldn’t you run to the store?” 

“Yeah, but I’m lazy. Can you PLEASE bring it over!?” he asked.

I laughed. “Yeah, give me 30 minutes.”

“Aiight.” he said. “Thanks a million.”

“Yeah, yeah, you owe me, Somers.”

“Don’t I always, Beadles?” he said matter-of-factly. “See you in a few.”

“See ya.”

I hung up the phone and sat it back on the toilet.

I soaked in the water for about 15 more minutes before getting out.

I gently dried off my body and wrapped in my plush, pink bath robe.

I walked over to my dresser and rummaging through my drawers, I pulled out a striped pink and white sweater dress and black skinny jeans.

I slid on my clothes; thankful that the salt had relieved some of the pain.

I pulled a bottle of extra-strength Tylenol from my drawer and swallowed two pills.

I walked back into my bedroom and inspected the bruise on my face.

I sighed and pulled out my foundation and concealer.

Once I’d worked my magic, you could hardly tell that Seth had slapped me. If someone did ask, it was light enough where I could say that I’d fallen out of bed and hit my face on the night stand.

After being hit multiple times, I’d unfortunately gotten good at hiding the marks.

I pulled my hair down and brushed it.

It fell perfectly around my face and I didn’t bother with curling it.

I pulled my jacket out of the closet, slid my phone and keys in to my pocket, grabbed the bag of powdered sugar and dropped it in a Wal-mart bag and I was ready to go.

It was getting dark, but I loved the chill of night air.

I grabbed a flashlight and went out my front door.

I began walking towards Chaz’s home.

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket.

I pulled it out and flipped it open.

The screen alerted me that I’d received a text from Seth.

I rolled my eyes and flipped it open.

Seth: Hey baby, i’m sorry 4 2nite. don’t kno what got n2 me....4give me?

I sighed and typed the message I always send back.

Caitlin: Of course.

I put the phone back in my pocket and kept walking.

I fought back tears as I realized that not only had I forgotten about my birthday, but so had everyone else.

I felt a chill go through my body as a wind passed through.

I finally arrived at Chaz’s house.

The porch lights were on as always. 

Chaz’s family constantly had people in their house.

I rang the doorbell and after a few seconds the door opened to reveal Chaz.

“Hey Caitlin!” he grinned, excitedly.

“Hey Chaz.” I smiled stepping into the house. “I came to your rescue, once again.”

I gestured to the Wal-Mart bag.

He laughed. 

“Thanks, you can take it into the kitchen and then come down to the basement, there’s something I want to show you.”

“Okay.” I said.

I pushed the door open to the kitchen and sat the sugar on the counter.

I grabbed a cookie off a plate on the counter.

Mrs. Somers was a phenomenal baker.

I opened the door to the basement and went down the stairs.

I was surprised that the lights were off.

“Chaz?” I asked.


I was startled as my eyes adjusted to the dim lights and I saw familiar faces smiling at me.

I couldn’t help it, I started crying.

“Oh my gosh, you guys!” I grinned wiping away my tears. “Thank you.”

“You thought we’d forgotten, didn’t you?” My little brother Christian asked, smiling.

I nodded.

“How could we forget?” Ryan asked. “We’ve known each other since we were babies.”

I chuckled.

“You guys are amazing.” I grinned.

“What do you say we get this party started!” Chaz said turning on the stereo, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream began blasting.

I started going around the room talking to all of my closest friends.

Everyone I would’ve invited myself was there.

I finally ran into my BFF, Holly Peterson.

“Hey girl,” I grinned, giving her a hug. 

“Happy birthday,” she smiled. “How does it feel to join the sixteen club?”

I laughed.

“I don’t know, I’m still in shock that you guys would plan all of this.”

“Well actually it was all --” 

The rest of Holly’s comment was cut off by Chaz screaming into a microphone.


“YEAH!” Everyone screamed back in unison.

“Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet!” He said. “Everybody get on the dance floor and get ready to dougie!”

“Oh, I that’s my dance!” Holly said running out onto the dance floor.

I laughed as I poured myself another cup of punch.

I’ve never been much of a dancer, I simply enjoy watching others.

“C’mon birthday girl,”

I turned to see Seth with a big, apologetic grin on his face.

“You know I don’t dance.” I said.

“Aww, c’mon baby, it’s not hard.” 

He pulled me out onto the dance floor.

“Alright, Seth!” Chaz said. “You convinced Caitlin to come out!”

Seth winked. “I know how to work my magic.”

Chaz chuckled. “Okay, everybody, Ryan’s gonna give you a quick run through on how to do the dance, just in case you don’t know.”

I watched Ryan carefully explain each dance step and I was almost positive I couldn’t do it.

But, before I knew it, the music had started and everyone started dancing. After getting confused a few times, I eventually caught on. It was actually kind of fun with all of the party guests doing the dance.

“That was a blast, but now we’re gonna slow things down a little bit. So, every guy grab a girl!” Chaz announced over the speakers.

Seth instantly pulled me close to him as the sound of L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole began playing.

It was an old song, but everyone knew it was one of my favorites.

“I’m sorry about earlier.” he whispered in my ear. “I really don’t know what got into me. It won’t happen again, I promise.”

I didn’t say anything.

Seth’s apologies and promises didn’t mean anything to me anymore, because I knew they only lasted as long as his temper.

“I love you so much.” he continued. “Sometimes I just get scared that I’m going to lose you and fear can make people do crazy things.”

Yeah, like have dreams about murdering their abusive boyfriends.

“I don’t know what I’d do if some guy tried to take you away from me.” he kissed my cheek and I forced myself not to roll my eyes.

I could feel someone’s heavy gaze on me and I was tempted to turn and look behind me, but Seth had his arms wrapped around me so tightly I could barely move.

Seth continued whispering sweet nothings -- that in my opinion, literally meant nothing -- in my ear until the song ended.

“This has been fun, but I believe that there can always be too much of a good thing. So! Everybody mix and mingle for awhile and the we’ll play games!” Chaz shouted.

“Let’s go over to the snack table” Seth suggested.

I shook my head.

“You go ahead, I gotta go to the bathroom.” I said.

Seth nodded.

I went to the small bathroom, but noticed there were people waiting.

“So, do you like the party?” Chaz asked.

I turned around.

“Yeah, it’s a lot of fun.” I smiled. “I’m just waiting to go to the bathroom.”

“Oh, you know, you can use the upstairs one. My mom won’t care.” he said. “Just don’t let anyone else use it.”

“I won’t. Thanks.” I grinned.

I went upstairs and into the powder bathroom.

Once I was done, I glanced at my reflection in the mirror. My hair was still neat and my bruises were still hidden. I was in good shape!

I pushed open the door and pulled out my phone.

Looking down, I began trying to read the text I’d received when I collided with someone.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” I said, looking up.

I gasped when I saw the guy who stood before me dressed in a turquoise hoodie, white skinny jeans and turquoise Supras.

Of course, it was none other, than Justin Bieber.

Chapter End Notes:

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God bless!

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