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Rules of Seduction


My mom and I said our goodbyes to Kayla and Kevin and headed back to my Range Rover.

I opened the door for my mom and sat down in the driver’s seat.

My phone started ringing and when I saw that the call was from Chris, I was completely ticked off. He’d been bugging me during the whole duration of dinner.

“What the heck is your problem?” I snapped as I answered the phone.

My mom gave me a look, but I didn’t care.

“Didn’t you read my text?” Chris asked his voice sounded hoarse almost as if he’d been crying.

That instantly changed my demeanor.

Chris NEVER cries.

“Yeah...” I said cautiously. 

“Well, why didn’t you respond?” he asked angrily.

“I thought you were joking.” I explained.

“About my sister missing?” he asked. “Why would I joke about something like that?”

“I dunno.” I said suddenly realizing how stupid it sounded now.

Then, another realization hit me. If he wasn’t joking, Caitlin had been missing for about four hours now.

“Oh. My. God.” I breathed. “Caitlin’s really missing!”

“Yes.” Chris said. “My parents called the police, but they won’t do anything until she’s gone for 24 hours. We’re trying to call everyone we know to help find her.”

“Okay, I’ll be there pronto.” I said hanging up the phone.

I turned on my emergency lights and slammed on the accelerator.

“What’s going on?” my mom asked. “Is Caitlin missing?”

I sighed, “Sounds like it.”


I awoke to a shooting pain in my leg.

I glanced around to find that I was in an unfamiliar place.

Suddenly everything came flashing back to me at once.

I’d gone to Seth’s place to break-up with him and he’d gone ballistic.

He’d thrown me around his parents’ house and raped me.

Then he’d forced me to get in his car and ‘go on vacation’ with him.

I’d tried to jump out of his car and run away, but he’d broken my leg. 

After that, I’d passed out.

As I looked around the room again, I realized I was in what appeared to be a vacant cabin.

I slid my hand down into my jeans’ pocket only to realize that my cell phone had been stolen.

“Looking for this?”

I turned to see Seth holding up my hot-pink flip phone before putting it back in his pocket.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

“You son of a bit-” 

I was cut off by the his hand across my face.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” he clicked his tounge. “Cate, dear, when are you going to learn? You don’t deserve me yet, I keep putting up with you. Seems the least you could do is respect me. After all, I brought you to this lavish place.”

He made a sweeping gesture towards the cabin.

“Where am I?”

“It’s a secret.” he said placing a finger in front of his lips before letting out a cackle.

I clenched and unclenched my fingers trying to release some of the anger that was boiling inside of me.

Every inch of me wanted to find a knife and plunge straight into Seth’s heart.

Instead I drew my attention to my own body.

My jeans were ripped and torn and my shirt was crumpled.

I knew that my face and hair must be a sight.

I badly wanted to bathe.

“Oh, where are my manners?” Seth asked. 

As if reading my mind, he continued: “I bet you want a shower, don’t you?”

His blue eyes told me that a shower meant sex.

I quickly shook my head.

“N-n-no. I’m fine.”

“Don’t lie to me.” he screamed through clenched teeth. 

His face was inches from mine.

I stared at the floor.

“Fine.” he said. “We’ll do what I want then, and I want to make love to you.”

Make love to me? Puh-leease.

He began unzipping my jeans.

I closed my eyes tightly to hold back tears and the urge to fight him.

I’d learned that fighting Seth only made the whole experience worst.


“You wanna do it again, don’t you?” Seth asked huskily as he straddled me “Don’t lie. I know you liked it.”

My whole body was numb.

I hadn’t even felt him rape me. I couldn’t feel anything.

“I have to go to the bathroom.” I said in a low voice.

“Why?” he questioned angrily.

“I’ve gotta pee.” I said.

He growled.

“Let me help you over there.” he said a hint of kindness in his voice.

I was about to protest, but the minute he helped me stand up, a pain shot through my leg that caused me to scream reminding me that it was broken.

It seemed as if at that moment, I could feel every single bruise that Seth had inflicted on me.

Tears streamed down my face.

“Look, I thought you had to go to the bathroom.” he said irritated.

Gritting my teeth and swallowing hard, I limped to the bathroom.

To my relief, Seth didn’t try and go in with me.

The minute I entered the bathroom, I caught my reflection and gasped.

I looked terrible.

My whole bare body was black and blue.

A tear slid down my face .

I glanced around the room and realized there were no windows.

I began to press on the logs to see if any of them were loose. I’d seen once on a movie where a girl had found a loose area in the wall and escaped, but of course, there were no loose places in the wall.

“Cate,” Seth’s voice sounded. “You should be done in there by now.”

“Coming,” I called back.

I quickly opened the door and limped back out to the cabin where Seth stood holding my clothes.

“Get dressed.” he instructed.

I did as I was told being careful of my leg which was swollen.

I shooting pain ran through me once again.

“Ow,” I yelped clutching my ankle.

Seth glanced at me.

“Let me see it,” he said.

I held my leg out cautiously.

“It’s starting to swell, damnit.” he muttered.

“Here, you stay here and I’ll go get some Tylenol and you put ice on it. I can’t have you limping around, just in case....” he said his voice trailing off.

I watched as he put on a fresh pair of clothes and left.

I could see his headlights through the windows indicating he was leaving.

As soon as I was sure he was gone, I went over to the jeans he’d warn earlier and grabbed my phone.

I tried to make a call, but there was no reception.

“Crap,” I fussed aloud.

Deciding to bare the pain, I put on my shoes and went out the front door.

I realized I was in the middle of the woods.

Since I had no idea which way was home, I went in the opposite direction of Seth.

I walked as fast as I could hoping that the woods would eventually open to an intersection or some form of civilization.

If Seth was getting Tylenol, we couldn’t be too desolate.

After about an hour of walking, I hadn’t gotten very far at all, but due to my limp, I was exhausted.

I heard the sound of leaves crackling and I began to quicken my pace.

I wanted to go home.

I wanted to get back to my family.

Despite my throbbing leg, I began to run.

“Don’t make another move, Cate.” Seth’s voice sounded.

I ignored him and continued to run.

Tears streamed down my face from fear and pain.

Before I knew it, I heard the sound of a gun shot and I instantly fell to the ground.

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