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Think it's hard being Justin Bieber's girlfriend? Crazy Fans? Papz? Well double that. This shows what happens when Bieber meets a girl just as famous as himself.


They are destined to fail, because, after all we all know, all good things must come to an end, or in this case, a tragic end...

Rated: Teens
Categories: Characters: Chaz Somers, Jeremy Bieber, Justin Bieber, Kenny Hamilton, Original Character (female), Original Character (male), Pattie Mallette, Ryan Butler, Ryan Good, Scooter Braun, Selena Gomez
Genre: Action, Angst, Drama, Family, Friendship, General, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Tragedy
Length: Epic Length (100,000+ words), Multi-Chapter
Tags: death, friend, hurt/comfort, illness, lost love, love/hate, marriage, pregnancy, tour, wedding
Warnings: Alcohol Abuse, Death, Drug Abuse, Eating Disorder, Emotional Abuse, Graphic Violence, Language, Physical Abuse, Self-Harm, Sexual Abuse, Suicide
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Published: 04/27/11 Updated: 10/20/11
Story Notes:

Hey, this is my FIRST EVER STORY.

I'v changed the name from 'Forver and For Always' to 'I Love You Killed Me' cos it's more fitting ;D Enjoy and PLEEASEEE comment. LOVAGE.

1. Prolouge by NicoleParis [Reviews - 14] (278 words)

Fisrt Part, First Story. GAHH. I'm nervous. PLEASE COMMENT. LOVAGE.

2. Chapter 1- Look Mi by NicoleParis [Reviews - 2] (1291 words)

First proper Chapter. Here we go:

3. Chapter 2- Pretty Girl by NicoleParis [Reviews - 1] (1196 words)

In this chapter @Born4Bieber is in and she will be a main character for the rest of the story. To be included as a character tweet me at @BiebsLuvStory :D

4. Chapter 3- Finding the OLLG by NicoleParis [Reviews - 1] (499 words)

The story's growing pretty quick, aww mayn I LOVE YOU GUYS. BUT PLLLLEAASEEE REVIEW. forst person to review will be featured in the story as long as they leave thier name and a description of themselves ;)

oh and sorry for this being short but i wanted to build suspense o.0 (yes im that nerdy ahah)

5. Chapter 4- The Kiss by NicoleParis [Reviews - 0] (1982 words)

hey, I think this one's better. its got some drama :)

6. Chapter 5- An Exception by NicoleParis [Reviews - 1] (2125 words)
Mai finally meets Biebs :)

7. Chapter 6- Getting Bieber Hooked by NicoleParis [Reviews - 0] (2144 words)

Sorry I didn't post for ages so I'm uploading loads today :)

8. Chapter 7- Feels Like Forever by NicoleParis [Reviews - 0] (1203 words)

should be posting two more today :D

i'll post three or four if I get a review.

9. Chapter 8-Falling For Bieber. Literally. by NicoleParis [Reviews - 1] (1665 words)

I REALLY enjoyed writing this whole chapter. It was good.

10. Chapter 9- Call Me Justin by NicoleParis [Reviews - 3] (2087 words)

This was another really fun chapeter to write but dont hate me 'cos of the end!


11. Chapter 10- I Want Her by NicoleParis [Reviews - 2] (1383 words)

Hmm. this part is oka. not entirely happy but oh wells, here you go :)

12. Chapter 11- Nightmare Christmas Eve. by NicoleParis [Reviews - 0] (2583 words)


13. *FEEDBACK* by NicoleParis [Reviews - 0] (205 words)


14. Chapter 12- Because I Love Him by NicoleParis [Reviews - 0] (1369 words)


sorry if there are mistakes :S

anyways this part's a lilbit sad :(

15. Chapter 13- Boo by NicoleParis [Reviews - 2] (1015 words)

WOWZA. over 1000 reads! that is soo amazing and i am so grateful.

but as you all know, because almost no-one is reviewing, it makes me question whether anyone likes it, so im not gonna post very often, maybe once a week if the situation continues.



16. Chapter 14- My Jay by NicoleParis [Reviews - 2] (957 words)
Okay. I'm really happy I got some reviews and some tweets on twitter, so ima keep to my word... here's the next part :)

17. Chapter 15- Summer & Beautiful by NicoleParis [Reviews - 1] (1352 words)

This chapter's alrightey. not entirley happy. il make it up to you next time! the nextpart that i have planned should be alot better! :D

18. Chapter 16- I'm Not That Girl by NicoleParis [Reviews - 0] (1703 words)

Howday :)

How are you guys? lol. I'm in a very good mood :D

But anyways, here's the next chapter, it should be better than the last, 'cos that was pretty dull you know? anwaysss more drama in this part!

I gotta give @heckyesjustin credit for giving me the idea to create outfits on this webiste. I'll e showing you Mai's outfits more often :)

19. Chapter 17- A Fool. by NicoleParis [Reviews - 0] (1488 words)

Yoo ma homies :)

I liked writing this part, it made me sad :(

But anyways from now onwards the parts are going to have much more drama. i had to do these parts to properly set the scene. the dull part is over *dougies*

anyways, excuse my geekiness and enjoy. :D

20. Chapter 18- Sorry: Part A by NicoleParis [Reviews - 0] (1298 words)

HEYYY. there will be an A and B to this part and after that the days will skip and not go one at a time :)

Sorry i havent posted in agesss.

21. Chapter 18- Sorry: Part B by NicoleParis [Reviews - 9] (2852 words)

OKAY. THIS PART IS MEGGGAA LONG. Sorry. I just wanted all of this to be in one part.

This is the last part in the story where it goes day-by-day, after this it starts to jump around ;D

This had been my favourite so far so please read and review :D xx

22. Chapter 19- Bieber Beware by NicoleParis [Reviews - 0] (1394 words)


I havent posted in TIIMMEEEE. Sorry guys! Here you go!

Not much action in this part 'cos it had to round off the other but the nex ones will be GOOD :)

23. Chapter 20- Meet Me Please by NicoleParis [Reviews - 0] (1317 words)

Because I love you guys SOO FUCKING MUCH I'm uploading three (YEAH YOU HEARD IT, THREE!!) tonight... right now :)

24. Chapter 21- Misson Complete: Part A by NicoleParis [Reviews - 0] (1148 words)

hmmmm. these parts are gonna be an A & B 'cos they go soooo well together.


You will see

25. Chapter 21- Misson Complete: Part B by NicoleParis [Reviews - 3] (771 words)

OMFG. I LOVE THIS PART. It's kinda short but... EVIL MAI.

26. Chapter 22- Wasn't The Truth by NicoleParis [Reviews - 1] (2032 words)



Got loadsa feedback on the last part so I'm major happy!

Loved writing this one twoo.

27. Chapter 23- Cool Story Bro by NicoleParis [Reviews - 6] (1654 words)

I REALLY enjoyed doing this one. It was flowing uber well :)

28. Chapter 24- She Won by NicoleParis [Reviews - 2] (2600 words)

WOOOOOOOOOW. 9,000 VIEWS! It may not seem alot but it means SO much to me! I would love if it if I could get a copule more reviews though? :) But more people have been getting back to me on twitter so thats gooooood!

ANYWHO, I actually adored writing this part, I felt like I connected with the characters so much. It was amazing to write so I hope you enjoy!:

29. Chapter 25- Letting Go by NicoleParis [Reviews - 4] (2269 words)

This one shoul've been better. bit disappionted :(

30. Chapter 26- Just Spit It Out by NicoleParis [Reviews - 3] (1367 words)

I love this one :)

31. Chapter 27- Slipping Senstaion by NicoleParis [Reviews - 2] (2441 words)

I actuall got really emotional writing the end to this.

32. *NEW STORY AUDTIONS* by NicoleParis [Reviews - 7] (248 words)

I'm DEFINATELY gonna carry on writing this story, but I'm gonna also start another one... and I want YOU to audition. Don't be embarrassed or feel stupid because I'll be grateful for every reply I get.

The main role had already been taken months ago but feel free to audition as as a character you made up for any of the roles or yourself if you think you are personally like the character. I'll be looking for someone who fits the mould of each of the characters.


I will try my ABSOLTE best to give every single person who applies a decent role :D

33. NEW STORY ROLES- Announced by NicoleParis [Reviews - 9] (473 words)

34. Chapter 28- We Were Perfect by NicoleParis [Reviews - 6] (2006 words)

Sorry you had to wait so long, doing the auditions and the other story took up time. Here ya go :)

35. Chapter 29 Regret by NicoleParis [Reviews - 8] (2704 words)

This's a lil sexual btw ;)

36. Chapter 30- Release by NicoleParis [Reviews - 7] (3348 words)

This part may be slightly confusing because it begins with a part for the night before but yeah. Hope you guys love it!! :)

37. Chapter 31- The Party by NicoleParis [Reviews - 18] (4023 words)

Guys I havent posted for so unbelievably long and I'm so sorry. forgive me and I hope you haven't forgotten my story. :) xx