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My Top 100 Favorite Stories Of All The Times;


  1. Meet Bryony by thisbiebershiz

  2. Danger's Back by JileyOverboard

  3. DANGER by JileyOverboard

  4. Secrets by thisbiebershiz

  5. Little Brother by BiebersSwiftie

  6. Case 55 by daintykisses

  7. Opposite Attractions by JileyOverboard

  8. Pumped Up Kicks by Roann6262

  9. Believe by ohmyefronbieber

  10. Time To Play Daddy by ilovemileyandbieber

  11. Broken Promises by thisbiebershiz

  12. Save Me by BieberMcCannSwaggin

  13. Back to December by Boylieber

  14. Crash Landing by MrsBieber4eva

  15. Step Brothers by TheJesseKRammy

  16. High on Love by eskimokisses

  17. Identically Different by BiebersShawtiie

  18. Freak by AccioBieber

  19. 8 Mile. by 1994

  20. Lalophobia by 1D Bieber

  21. Winner Takes All by ohmyefronbieber

  22. Missing by ohmyefronbieber

  23. Different by AccioBieber

  24. The Kill by MysteryGirl

  25. Zero to Hero by JustinDrew

  26. Beautiful Disaster by EatSleepBieber

  27. Help by JustinDrew

  28. Justin by SpeakingInSilence

  29. Heart Of The Ocean by daintykisses

  30. Beautiful Memories by embieber23

  31. Locked Inside by kdbkidrauhl

  32. Enslavement. by genevieve-inwonderland

  33. 6 Years by FIawlessBieber

  34. His Deep Submission by iBieberCookiie

  35. Change Me by Bieberlistic

  36. Take Care by I digJBSwaggie

  37. Forced To Fight, Never 2 Love by Bieberlistic

  38. Me, You, and Him by I digJBSwaggie

  39. Blackout by biebnutbutter

  40. Never Say Never by sammy2sox

  41. Flicker by biebnutbutter

  42. Believe *Sequel to Never Say Never*

  43. Awake by TheOutOfTownGirl

  44. Moments *Sequel to Believe* by sammy2sox

  45. Rumor Has It by LanesMedia

  46. Aphasiac by oldschoolflow

  47. The World Comes Crashing Down by LanesMedia

  48. Wanted by LanesMedia

  49. After-Shock by LanesMedia

  50. Accidents Happen by LanesMedia

  51. Doctor Stalker by LanesMedia

  52. Alone by LanesMedia

  53. Change by LanesMedia

  54. Gone by LanesMedia

  55. Animal by LanesMedia

  56. Opposites Attract by Roann6262

  57. Dying Wish by LoveToWriteJB

  58. Kidnap My Heart by LoveToWriteJB

  59. Jesse's Girl by LoveToWriteJB

  60. I Can Do Bad All By Myself by BieberDemiSWAG

  61. Out of My Mind by BieberDemiSWAG

  62. Pause. by Bridget

  63. The Window Breaks (Bieber Hostage Story) by Musicrocksssss

  64. The Window Mends by Musicrocksssss

  65. The Window Shatters by Musicrocksssss

  66. The Window Pains by Musicrocksssss

  67. Better Than I Know Myself by Bridget

  68. Saving Justin. by Bridget

  69. Trust me. by Daffy1409

  70. He's My Teacher. by Bridget

  71. Crushed. by Bridget

  72. Kidnapped. by Bridget

  73. The A Team. by Bridget

  74. Speak. by Bridget

  75. Everything Happens For A Reason by BieberRules

  76. Out Of Hand. by Bridget

  77. Beatings. by Bridget

  78. Coach Russell. by Bridget

  79. Nobody's Perfect. by Bridget

  80. All Because Of One Fall. by Bridget

  81. Fix Him. by Bridget

  82. Trauma by thatcollegebelieber2010

  83. Impossible by BieberRules

  84. Blood Brothers by BieberRules

  85. Playing With Fire by BieberRules

  86. Out Of This World by BieberRules

  87. Mission Escape by BieberRules

  88. You're just a Broken Angel by NoaMane

  89. Once upon a time.. I married a jerk by ybinlove

  90. Breathe, You Can Do This. by ClaireXo

  91. Walking On Water by DomoniqueMarie

  92. If I Die Young by i know kung fu

  93. These Scars and Bruises by iStacheSwaggin

  94. Marriage? by haziraZYRA

  95. Borderline of Obsession by justinareudtf

  96. Mind Over Matter by justinareudtf

  97. Traumatized by haziraZYRA

  98. Guardian Angel by BieberChanceluver

  99. Escaping Fate by dntstopbeliebing

  100. Crazy. by dntstopbeliebing


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Stories by SwagingWithBieber
Deafblind by SwagingWithBieber Rated: Teens [Reviews - 256]


Rose Brown was an 18 years old when she moved out of her parents' house. She was ready to be a woman; rented an apartment, found a job. Or the job literally came to her.


She had to babysit three kids, including a 19 years old deafblind.



     Deafblind; A person is regarded as deafblind if their combined sight and hearing impairment cause difficulties with communication, access to information and mobility.


Characters: Justin Bieber, Original Character (female), Original Character (male), Pattie Mallette
Genre: Drama, Family, Fluff, Friendship, General
Length: Novel Length (50,000+ words)
Tags: None
Warnings: None
Series: The Deafblind Series
Chapters: 23 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 26453 Read Count: 68851
[Report This] Published: 05/29/12 Updated: 09/22/12

The Blue Hole; also known as the Diver's Cemetery is one of the most dangerous dive site on earth. 


Lara, a 20 years old girl, was used to sit on the shore and watch people who dive in the Blue Hole. It was a habit of hers since her sister drowned in it a few years ago. 


Now; because of one guy, she faced her worst fears and also, fell in love. 


One Shot for the Official Challenge; Autumn/Colour Challenge.

Characters: Justin Bieber, Original Character (female), Original Character (male)
Genre: Drama, Humor, Suspense
Length: One-Shot
Tags: None
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 1833 Read Count: 1020
[Report This] Published: 10/22/12 Updated: 10/22/12