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Okay so I'm Timayah Dixon (Pronounced as Tim-iY-UH) I sing. I like to write..I'm a TERRIBLE dancer haha. I want to write bebcause it's a second passion of mine just like singing...I'm not the prettiest girl..Nor the skinniest..You see. I have been bullied all my life from the racial things in kindergaden to being the bullies target to highschool :/ This is the site where I can release all my troubles and just be me without being judged on or people hating on me. I can just be me. I feel like the people on here when I review on there stories and they respond back, it makes me feel like I'm actually apreciated in this world. So thank you for making me feel really special ^.^ and thank you for reading my story. I will be doing collabs and doing more stories. Thank you again. I love you all you make me not think about my shitty life. Thanks


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