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I'm a girl that no one thinks about, always second best. I've been climbing this mountain for a long fucking time and I need to take a breather.


I've never had an easy life and it seems like it's only gotten harder. I smile each and every day, knowing only more lies ahead; more laughs, more hard times, and more hugs to make me feel better. I can't wait to see what else lies tomorrow.


Oct. 29, 2011, I met the guy of my dreams. I don't know what I would do without him. Even though he is a sarcastic asshole sometimes, he makes me the happiest pain in the ass on this planet.<3

On Oct. 18, 2012, Jayson was born. He's my little man and my best friendamazing smile. (:



I also love you! Thank you, guys for taking the time out of your day to read my stories, it means a lot<3

Much love,




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At War. by lishuhbaby Rated: Teens [Reviews - 264]

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I had nothing to do with this mob-business my father owned.
So why is it that I still had to get married to a complete, psychotic killing machine of a stranger?



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Characters: Jeremy Bieber, Justin Bieber, Original Character (female), Pattie Mallette
Genre: Drama, Family, Romance
Length: Multi-Chapter
Tags: arranged marriage, criminal, fluff, hurt/comfort, love/hate, marriage, not famous, wedding
Warnings: Language
Series: None
Chapters: 17 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 26450 Read Count: 40172
[Report This] Published: 06/04/12 Updated: 02/10/13